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Why is contracted and lamps and lanterns has become more and more popular?

by:Longjian     2020-09-25
Why is contracted and lamps and lanterns has become more and more popular? Contracted and lamps and lanterns is like this, and the traditional classic, with simple to extremely to pursue more elegant taste and thoughts. Is simple, but it is not easy. 'Less is more' minimalist lighting design principle of the numerous tired of life, make household environment should be more contracted easily discard unnecessary 'and' light up the mood in the purest way minimalist lighting lamps and lanterns design will make you unable to resist, leaving only the functional application and perfect transcendent contracted form life is so simple in fact that is to say, human desire should be simple and contracted lamps and lanterns is Jane, but in the household space is left between the shock line and surface, light and shadow make the fusion of household space, due to the light and become rich artistic feeling and more scope for lighting design do subtraction also is to give life to do subtraction let household space has more blank and imagination that advanced artistic beauty, more deeply rooted in a lamp, a set of simple lines express the pure light of household to trouble and desire for beauty enjoys a time actually, put down the contracted lamps and lanterns is not about Jane but concentrated the natural beauty of life and the thoughts of natural beauty in simplicity, more soothing to the least element, points of light and beauty story at this point, the heart is pure, up a lamp, has been out of lighting line becomes an art vitality self-efficacy
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