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Why is art lamp is traditional culture and modern science and technology perfect combination of a product

by:Longjian     2020-09-12
More variety conform to the requirements of different occasions to hang different specification, can hang a single string hung, red light hanging art, beaming, a spirit one hundred times! Art lamp is traditional culture and modern science and technology perfect combination of a product. Art lamp, solve the defects of traditional art in the use of the lamp, at the same time of traditional cultural elements, and added new functions. Once launched, the map of choice for outdoor lighting has become. Art lamp is simple and easy, and has strong Chinese characteristics, can be used in indoor and outdoor LED lamp bead. Modern city with her makeup dot flavour must, YiZhanZhan art lamp light, red light, beaming its moments of beauty can be realized. In Chinese eyes, red art lamp is a symbol of family reunion, prosperity and thriving, a symbol of happiness, light, energy, complete with riches and honour, so everyone likes. Red light hanging art, penetration seepage characteristic of the Chinese nation, rich culture! Art lamp is using the modern science and technology combined with the traditional process of new festival lighting products, it is to use LED light source technology. Shell adopts PC material or acrylic material, the entry beautiful PC material is low carbon environmental protection, ageing resistance, the wind and rain can keep her bright and beautiful, have what material does not have other properties; Acrylic material shell color beautiful, light red color more joyous with art; Both materials waterproof level reaches IP65. Art lamp is mainly used for individual buildings and historical buildings exterior wall art lamp decoration lighting. Landscape art lamp decoration, billboard lamp decoration. Opening, married, bridal chamber was happy to hang art lamp, families hang art lamp during the Chinese lunar New Year. Advertising, exhibition, performance, lamp decoration art.
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