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Why art light available many shows different result

by:Longjian     2020-09-09
The advent of the era of art lamp, the upgrading of goods become more agile, and the sale of form before has not used to the current market demand. Many small and medium-sized companies has closed tide, many companies seize the moment to mergers and acquisitions, integration, etc. In the future, the same as the other professions, the advantage of LED lighting professional capital will be more and more to the oligarchs, have gathered the foreseeable mall is from the reshuffle. Features: art lamp is suitable for all kinds of outdoor light pole, effect is good, color is gorgeous. Available controller change effect. Can adjust the program. Features: art lamp use high-quality light, brightness is higher than the ordinary LED products; The continuity of the light is good, bright lights line, whole even, flexibility is strong, can follow one's inclinations bending design. Road lamp protean art, using the art form of light, show the local features, the city added a memorable name card, design modeling optional design, exhibition with line type, but the overall flashing, together form a team change effect. High art light color consistency, available a variety of light source, show different effects. 1, art lamp conventional hob tied rainbow tube or led twinkle light, according to the specific design and product effect is provided by the guest or provide solution for our company engineer design draft, then by the guests provide advice. This product is made of steel and 36 per meter of rainbow tube lamp. 2, scope of application: art lamp, street lighting, designs city-lighting, park lighting, lighting of the scenic spot. Mainly used on both sides of the street and green belt, park lawn, in front of the hotel landscape lighting, etc. 3, art lights glowing all leds double-sided, CE standard plugs. Good safety. Outdoor use, are not afraid to get wet in the rain. Reached the IP44 waterproof standard, is the first choice for outdoor festival decoration products.
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