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Who will be your that the fire in the winter?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Do you like the winter in a fire flames warmed my heart every time when I slipped into your side fire lit up my JiKeJuan escape, harlin song in winter of a fire, brings us to the summer of the music festival, we seek a belongs only to the Chinese that give good voice, tirelessly in the hot; When the festival rain curtain, singing away, the winter is really coming, who will be your that the fire in winter. Who would spare no effort to warm your heart or? Some say friends greetings, is a family concern, is lover's company; Others say a electric fireplace is enough to drive the winter cold, or a cup of coffee and let's put these wonderful warm all strung together: in the winter, the snow outside the window, a desolate; Inside, love the world each a cup of coffee, sit in front of the fireplace, and this house in classical leisureliness electric fireplace is added how much romance and aestheticism, lover or shallow sing language, or ridicule, the warm words fill by heart, expel the cold that the fire had been type leisure life for the interpretation of incisively and vividly, everything is in miss maybe when we ask again, who will be you that the fire in winter, we should to consider is: who can bring me warm life? We once the fight for the gritting his teeth, cold rainy night for entanglements, philosophy of life, is just that simple, because a sweet lover, coffee may be coupled with an electric fireplace, simple more show warmth and romance.
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