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When the stars fall in love with a fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Fireplace historically has several thousand years of history, was originally used as a tool of heat from the cold. Gradually with the increasing development of society, USES a function actually talk, decorative function is increasingly protruding. In Europe, we can see that in many important public and private space in the fireplace is indispensable. Fireplace as extremely characteristic and cultural symbol of the history of western culture, has become the world's representative works of classical culture and won the love of people around the world. Now, people pursue household life composed and luxuriant, humanities and the combination of classical, modern and romantic, and become more and more high grade fireplace people's first choice. Flame within the transparent fireplace like satin 'xia spoilers, indoor warm without any smoke flavor. In today's fast-paced domestic work and life, more and more successful, they are entrepreneurs, civil servants, bosses, film stars, models, such as high consumption group, they will fire as the first choice for decorating houses, fireplace for them at the same time, to solve the problem of the heating of the bedroom also represents the success, taste, fashion and romance. Fireplace has been a fashion trend setter household high-end consumer groups, committed to the taste, fashionable life of the casting quality. Faye wong li yapeng: never a person of extraordinary powers curtilage large exposure sitting room design has a fireplace with a total construction area of 706 square meters, the villa is divided into three layers, there is a hundreds of square meters of garden villa hospital, villas in the fireplace and a built-in wardrobe or cupboard of the material is imported from Germany. Li Yifei first fortune China woman home installs fireplace Li Yifei like sitting in front of a large living room fireplace, looked at the warm fire in the fireplace, poured two glasses of red wine Li Yifei for products with friends, slowly chat or quietly reading together. Eternal song dan-dan famous luxury private fireplace in xinmi city alone love fireplace eternal song dan-dan famous home and don't feel that usually imagined star household penetration have luxury richly, but reflected a pure white and quite life. Yao in the villa with a european-style fireplace yao's home in Houston in the United States west end temperature of this set of less than 300 square meters of the lake villa, are second from bottom in the whole vinther lake community big house, with European style fireplace.
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