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When choosing lamps and lanterns of the kitchen should pay attention to what

by:Longjian     2020-09-27
When choosing lamps and lanterns of the kitchen should pay attention to what? Now the lamps and lanterns of species become more and more, the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of markets and stores are also varied, when choosing a lot of people feel very dazzling, don't know what kind of lamps and lanterns for your kitchen or other room, the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen must choose good, or it will affect the mood of cook and have dinner, so be sure to multi-purpose snacks on the selection of lamps and lanterns. General kitchen space lighting effect is relatively poor, but use frequency is very high, of the kitchen to wash the dishes, chopping vegetables, cooking all need good lighting, so the requirements for lighting lamps and lanterns of the kitchen also is higher. The kitchen of most family will only install a flat light on the ceiling, while the light to illuminate the kitchen, but local space or less, such as washing pass, pass cutting, cause inconvenience when use. Just take a look at a n experienced person and lamp act the role ofing to kitchen lighting lamps and lanterns of experience ~ a brightness, brightness lighting lamps and lanterns of the kitchen wants moderate, light the lamps and lanterns of fever severely, easily damaged, too dark lamps and lanterns is not convenient to operate, easy to happen. Suggest choose a brightness moderate plate lamp, collocation of a few local auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns of combination to provide lighting for the kitchen. Second, moisture water vapour in the kitchen is bigger, should choose the lamps and lanterns has moistureproof function, lest the lamps and lanterns from entering too much water vapor explosion danger. Three, oil kitchen lampblack problem has been the way around not too, although can choose a large volume of smoke lampblack machine, but the problem still can't completely solve lampblack, choose a certain oil pollution prevention performance of lamps and lanterns, and regular cleaning of lamps and lanterns. Number four, lamps and lanterns suggest cut the kitchen in the pass, pass, cooking area, respectively, to install an independent lighting lamps and lanterns, combined with flat ceiling lamp, install four lights in the kitchen lamps and lanterns, to ensure the convenience and security of all kinds of operation. Five, the type of lamps and lanterns lighting market now, for the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen type very much, when the choose and buy can be decided according to kitchen area size, collocation is used long, single head, wall lamp, flat light, etc. , can even be installed in the cabinet inside the lamp. The kitchen doesn't recommend the use of LED lights, light is relatively weak, can be used for local lighting. Lamps and lanterns should choose white light, lighting effect is good in the warm light. Six, safety lamps and lanterns of the kitchen when the device far from cooking range as far as possible, avoid gas, vapor direct edify, lamps and lanterns, strongly recommended to install smoke lampblack machine and fan, timely will cooking soot discharge, reduce the impact on the lamps and lanterns. Seven, lamps and lanterns to maintain gas combustion would produce the acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, and water vapor, has the corrosion on the metal products. To get into the habit of often wipe the shell of lamps and lanterns at ordinary times, can prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns. There are many kinds of methods on selecting the kitchen lamps and lanterns, if choose lamps and lanterns is bad or not will directly affect the effect of using appropriate, because the kitchen lampblack is larger, the brightness of lamps and lanterns, etc also need to be carefully selected, if not chosen may affect the mood of chopping vegetables or when cooking, are also likely to be cut or hurt his hand, must be careful when choosing.
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