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What time about decorating the wall lamp, need to pay attention to

by:Longjian     2020-10-03
About decorating the wall lamp, need to be aware of what time now with the development and progress of the society, the family decoration is also in progress, people appreciate level is becoming more and more tasteful. Wall lamp decoration of the family has brought strong to decorate grade a. What should wall lamp adornment effect will be better? Lamp next to introduce, about in adornment wall lamp need to be aware of several factors. Quality: 1, pay attention to the chimney at the time of purchase wall lamp, must first have a look at the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns. Chimney is usually made of glass, and support is usually made of metal. Lampshade mainly to see whether the transmission of light right, and on the surface of the design and color should correspond with the integral style of the bedroom. The corrosion resistance of the metal are in good condition, colour and lustre is bright beautiful full is check the important measure of quality. 2, wall lamp, lamp brightness: generally speaking for the light is downy, degree less than 60 watts. In addition to choose according to the needs of the installation of different types of wall lamp, such as: small room with single head wall lamp, room is big, you can use double wall lamp, the space is large, they can choose thicker wall lamp; On the other hand, the thin pick some. Should pay attention to is to choose the light bulb has a protective wall lamp, in order to prevent ignition wallpaper, cause dangerous. 3, wall lamp wants to be coordinated with the installation place of design specifications, such as big room can double fire wall lamp, small room can be single fire wall lamp. 4, the color of wall lamp wants to be coordinated with the color of wall installation. 5, its thickness of wall lamp wants to be coordinated with installation site environment 6, wall lamp light source power should be consistent with the purpose. 7, wall lamp installation height is slightly higher than the man's head. You later when choosing wall lamp as the family decorates, see this article for some, may bring you some help oh ~
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