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What's the magic beauty the fireplace? Don't a person of extraordinary powers curtilage also can have!

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Mentioned fireplace this thing, don't know what will think of you the first time? Is a Christmas goose feather snow, ancient sculpture or Easter, or family around the furnace when is Thanksgiving Day, talk with family happiness? Either way, of course, can let a person feel full of happiness. Investigate its fundamental, the fireplace is the product of Europa, while its prototype of qin and han dynasties in China and the west in ancient Greece period, but in the true sense of the fireplace was born in the English, in the middle of the Tudor dynasty began from then on the family household objects rule C a few hundred years of cultural history. In the western world, the fireplace is everything, it is a symbol of knowledge, taste, the background, the significance of family, great as Wright also once said: 'the fireplace is a kind of symbol, it means you have a father and a group of family members, it is open, warm, can shelter, to love. 'Former President Roosevelt is in front of the fireplace in an interview and make a form to this, become 美谈' around the stove '. , of course, up to now, the autumn, winter and early spring in northern China, with the south in the cold season, fireplace, showing its good side, it is no wonder that the ancestors will select the objects to deal with different solar terms, although the fireplace culture heritage in China had a period of fault, but now take home a clever collocation is the adornment of the machine carefully, drinking more cover longjing Sue woven blankets in a li bai's poems, only comfortable cozy life 2 words can describe. Remove political giant predators with design for the fireplace bad love, literature is also touting its worse, in the 17th century Britain, in front of the fireplace fire reading a novel or read opera performance lines become a society with the underlying people rushed to the tide of popular, Emily Bronte's novel wuthering heights, only the word 'fireplace' 36 times, have appeared on the high bounce rate is obviously. When it comes to western literature, he had to ask then derived film culture of the west, we can in both romantic love and inspirational science fiction even scary horror film and TV works, can see the figure of the fireplace, why this one design element will appear indiscriminate so many times to different set of scenario again? Properties due to its unique ambience and bring advanced sense, can be perfect with the development of the plot and close, its ability to hundreds of years still ruling family C a reflect incisively and vividly, nothing.
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