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What LED the desk lamp that shield an eye is good for your eyes? Three standard teach you choose the right light

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
LED desk lamp is very common in China for a household products. Basic each LED lamp are used more or less. 3. After 15 about desk lamp stroboscopic broadcast, more and more people began to realize the importance of healthy lighting. The eyes, is more than a stroboscopic, also in many ways. Wiil now of the students' academic burden and is very common for students. Light damage eyes of news, as a result, parents worried, students hurt an eye to desk lamp of desk lamp is the desk lamp that shield an eye or discussion has been no interruption. Actually state to the current standard does not give the lamp that shield an eye and defined, and the lamp that shield an eye, is actually reading light, scientific name can be referred to as desk lamp, speaking, reading and writing assignments. Therefore, there isn't a lamp can truly protect your eyes, there is only a good reading lamp. So, choose what kind of table lamp is good for your eyes? Has the following three criteria to measure quality of a desk lamp. A, intensity of illumination and the intensity of illumination evenness of illuminance, can be as simple as bright enough. For a long time to read and write in dark light, easy to cause visual fatigue, serious when can cause myopia. Intensity of illumination uniformity, it is light enough for uniform enough. China's national standard 'reading and writing assignment desk lamp performance requirements' on the desk lamp of illumination and the intensity of illumination uniformity proposed requirements, CQC specification is on the basis of national standard specifies two illuminance level: class A and class AA. On light source, measuring range radius is 30 cm and 50 cm, respectively. Class A: core region within the scope of 50 cm in distance light intensity of illumination should reach 150 lx, from the core region of 30 cm of the light should be at least 250 lx. AA is A level two times, illuminance level is higher, if you need to work A long time under the desk lamp, recommended to choose the desk lamp of high illuminance level. Average household no light meter, how to judge whether illumination is enough? Look at the nearby convenience store chain, decorate chain convenience stores have commonly, intensity of illumination required. According to our experience, the number of chain convenience store illumination ( From the ground 1. 5 meters test) For the 300 lx. When children use reading lamp, not only to open the lamp, and should open indoor and other light source as a backlit, don't cause indoor apparent difference between light and shade. Second, the glare of lamps and lanterns should have shading sex, without excessive glare. Anti glare light not dazzling, is an important index for desk lamp performance evaluation, as the light source itself, the higher the luminance, glare, the more obvious; Glare of light source position nearer the distance from the line of sight, the more obvious. How to avoid glare? Children sit normal read/write look over to the lamp, should see the emitter walls and light source; Do not apply directly to bare bulb, avoid direct light. LED lamp look shiny surface, the light is not dazzling, can't see the light, See also bad) . In addition, should also pay attention to when choosing desktop material, try not to choose glossy desktop, can reflex the brightness of the lamps and lanterns, the ceiling and wall, produce the reflected glare. Use light will light bead is uniformly distributed in side side of the desk lamp. Side light can effectively avoid direct light damage to the eyes. Three, choose a good LED light source, LED technology is more and more perfect. Using the LED light source of the new technology not only meets the demand of high color rendering, blu-ray proportion is significantly lower than the conventional LED products. Reading lamp is light. Now suitable LED light source for the desk lamp that shield an eye is based on 'healthy lighting' and the birth of the full spectrum of LED. The full spectrum of LED light source spectroscopy and natural spectrum close to be close to nature of the full spectrum of LED light source. Its color fidelity and saturation are close to natural light, to illuminate the object of natural color. In addition, still can reduce glare and enhance the definition and the texture layer, improve the safety performance of the product.
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