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What kind of the modern lamp bead is suitable for the modern lamp?

by:Longjian     2020-08-31
First of all, we should choose what kind of the modern lamp bead. This is important, the modern lamp beads quality is very important factor. Give some examples, the same represented by wafer 14 mil white light section of the chip, made of common epoxy resin glue and Bai Guangjiao and glue packaging LED white light, single light in 30 degrees environment, after one thousand hours, attenuation data to droop 70%; If encapsulated with low class D failure glue, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 45%; If the C class low failure glue encapsulation, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 12%; If a class B low failure glue encapsulation, under the same aging environment, light failure for - thousands of hours 3%; If class A low failure glue, in the same aging conditions, light failure for - thousands of hours 6%. The modern standards of lights on the LED light source is what? We are the first consideration in choosing a LED light source. One, to energy saving, That is to save money) Second, long service life. Three, to environmental protection, that is, to be very suitable for household lighting lighting, and do not have harm to people. And so on after we integrated survey found that only the modern lamp bead suit, since 2835 the modern light bead is the LED industry comprehensive performance is stable, the modern lamp bead, light failure in about 3 years can effectively controlled within 30%. If choose the warm white ( 3100 k - 3300K) This light color, very suitable for household lighting. Modern art lamp use time longer with less than three years but not more than, for example, this is going to use the light source of higher level product. My company's patent product of modern art lamp is the ideal light source products, the characteristics of this product is used in parallel power supply and all waterproof sealing structure, protection grade reaches IP65, light for the patch light high luminous intensity, color is rich, have quality guarantee, its service life for more than 3 years, can add external controller, control its brightness, resulting in a dream. Good modern art lamp should be safe and reliable, stable performance, light and comfortable, the price is reasonable. 'According to one enterprise personage. From the perspective of shopping, the requirement for art lamp is also very easy to understand, 'a good art lamp, should from the security, reliability, comfort, appearance, energy saving and comprehensive to consider the price several aspects, this is all the problems of ordinary consumers should focus on.
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