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What kind of fireplace to the environmental protection?

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The fireplace is usually made of family or the focus of the sitting room. The fireplace bring home warm, comfortable and romantic atmosphere. However, the masonry of the old traditional style fireplace is quickly replaced by environment-friendly modern fireplace. Old-fashioned fireplace can have negative effects on the environment, such as deforestation, toxic particles, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, and volatile organic compounds ( VOC) Production. The environmental impact of the minimum environment-friendly modern fireplace, less air pollution. Environmental protection is the definition of 'harmless to the environment', but to find the products completely without the influence of the environment is extremely difficult. Most claims that environmentally friendly products almost no direct ecological damage, but indirect ecological destruction will become clear. The direct ecological damage is the result of direct interaction between product and environment. This may include product emissions. Indirect ecological damage is not caused by products, but related to the product, in fact there are three main environmental fireplace type on the market. Electric fireplace will not produce toxic fumes or greenhouse gases. Don't need fuel, and 100% of the energy can be converted to heat, is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly choice in the market. They almost no direct effects on the environment, and for most areas, indirect impact is low to minimal. Electric fireplace is a popular substitute for traditional fireplace, because they are cheap, has a number of options available. If you're looking for just occasionally use or hope capable of indoor/outdoor use fireplaces, environmental protection, electric fireplace is the best choice for you. They have no negative ecological effect directly. They won't produce greenhouse gases, not burning fossil fuels, and can be recycled. The fireplace - The use of biomass fuel ethanol, the fuel is mainly from corn stalk and sugar cane. Is a kind of agricultural by-products, usually from corn. They can clean combustion, is the second good choice of environmental protection the fireplace. Ethanol is the most environmentally friendly fireplace burning fireplace, ethanol is clear, highly flammable, installation is very easy, is considered to be the most environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. Secondly it is an agricultural by-products produced by renewable energy, so don't worry, increasingly severe energy depletion. Pellet fireplace - Use of compressed wood, bark, agricultural waste and other organic materials made of particles. They produce high thermal efficiency and little pollution. Pellet fireplace is different from the traditional fireplace, because they are a way to use biomass particles generate enough heat stove heating small house. They are usually made from cast iron and stainless steel. Customers need a whole house heating system, will find pellet fireplace is their best choice. Particle furnace to produce dry very energy saving. Particles of fuel in the furnace is produced by a by-product of lumber, so is usually produced by the secondary use. Particle combustion does not produce smoke and therefore do not need external ventilation. Is considered to be one of the most environmental-friendly choice for residential heating. EPA approved particle furnace, because there is no produce creosote, which means they are more than the clean air standards for indoor heating. According to the Clean Air Act, published in 1980, the manufacture of almost all the fireplace after 1990 than the old model has higher energy efficiency and ecological friendliness. But, there must be some environmental fireplace type model is better than others. Choosing a fireplace, please consider the ecological impact directly and indirectly.
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