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What kind of experience is home to install the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Fireplace is a kind of symbol, it means you have a father and a group of family members, it is open, warm, can shelter, to love. In the bitter pollen day, they sat in the living room in the front of the fireplace, chat, wine tasting tea cooking incense, is very good! Probably most families choose air conditioning or fresh air system, but the wind blew them out and dry astringent, blown much also hurt the body; One of floor heating and worry will accelerate the formaldehyde volatilization, floor of floor heating is not conducive to health. This time, you may think of home warm kangs, but you can't be bought in new Ann kang in chaoyang 150 square meters modern houses, so the fireplace, the western culture heritage also slowly feed familiar, gradually into the ordinary people. Our people must pay attention to when buy, of course, fireplace will be imported from Europe CE certification marks, north American imports of fireplace will have UL certification marks, with this two symbols, security is guaranteed. What kind of experience is the home to install the fireplace? Want to enjoy the warm and comfortable, two very good choice is to use embedded fireplace and fireplace independently. Embedded fireplace and fireplace independent are popular in today's society of heating, absolute safety. , no matter how to choose is right. If your house has reserved the fireplace in the mouth of the cave and chimney, embedded fireplace is a good choice. It installed inside a wall, don't like independent fireplace to take up space. The embedded fireplace installed in the middle of the house is, can provide high enough heat; If it is embedded in the side of the building, even if the efficiency is very high in the fireplace, also not necessarily can achieve the ideal heating. And embedded fireplace, compared to the same size of independent fireplace heating effect would be better. But no matter where the installation, the two devices are very reliable. For example in the study placed a fireplace, like red sleeve add incense, with its company, page reading about also won't feel lonely. Good heat dissipation area of the fireplace. Generous and delicate shape, as a western import, actually original fireplace is commonly used heating facilities, therefore, the design of traditional fireplace is mostly heavy luxuriant, show neuter tonal, along with the ground and roof, warm seasons. But with the improvement of modern science and technology, more diversified design style, the fireplace is also in constant evolution, modern household design, collocation of rural or classical style furniture accessories, small jasper. Match or collage rugged stone walls, natural harmonious. Also want to place a fireplace in the courtyard, summer barbecue, snow in the winter, the spring and autumn period and the concept of fire, no fireplace yard as the twilight of the sunset, two or three, chatting with family is not the most beautiful flowers and plants of the courtyard and not the fire in the fireplace, instead, the family's warm heart smile together. In addition to the selection of the fireplace, professional installation is also very important. First of all, professional installation can ensure security, those who pass the company training professionals, they experienced, knowledgeable, basic is' encyclopedia 'fireplace. Second, right after installation to ensure that the correct operation, you know, a lot of safety accidents are mostly caused by improper operation. Third, and most important, the probability of a fire depends on the installation is correct. Have a fireplace, his house has a soul, there will be a refuge, night around the fireplace. Laughter and a nap nod off, children playing, adults laugh still holding a book to read, a fireplace, only had the infinite interest. Imagine the appearance of simplicity, wide chamber of a stove or furnace, with huge and sophisticated technology of glass, flames, excellent ornamental, regardless of qiu dong, can make the home warm. Fireplace is advancing with The Times, provides many consumers want to today's features and benefits. So, what kind of fireplace do you prefer
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