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What is the industry of lamps and lanterns 'green storm'?

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
As is known to all, known as' history's most severe newly revised 'environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China formally implemented during this year's New Year's day. With the implement of new environmental laws, the concept of low carbon environmental protection has been further lamps and lanterns industry. As consumers in the pursuit of healthy life, as well as consumers' rational consumption consciousness is awakening, lamps and lanterns of enterprises is to low carbon environmental protection, update their thought, from the greening of the product, to sales and service the whole process of the comprehensive greening, leading the consumer green consumption. Is the industry of lamps and lanterns' green storm blowing. Today, in the green leading enterprises of lamps and lanterns wants to have more competitive power, this' green storms have to shave, had to shave. Tome is not exceptional also, we also in the 'green storm, our company's all products, Including contemporary and contracted sitting room lamp, dining-room lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, absorb dome light) , it is high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection products.
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