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What is the difference between the fireplace can be divided into several categories,?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
1. What is the difference between the fireplace can be divided into several categories,? Fireplace to the form of the installation points can be divided into embedded fireplace and detached fireplace. Embedded fireplace embedded fireplace installed inside a hole in the wall on three sides, usually with a mantelpiece, only one for indoor heat dissipation. Detached fireplace detached fireplace usually has four feet and placed directly in the corner, do not need to match mantel, all around are cooling. What fireplace by heating, the effect how? Fireplace adopts transparent ceramic fiber glass, can the infrared heat radiation fire; Plate steel and cast iron furnace can store heat, slow cooling speed; Fan speed around the fireplace air thermal cycle. The fireplace burned up to 20000 calories ( 80000BTU) , ideally can heat 200 square meters of space. The fireplace can burn a variety of wood? B: yes. Besides containing chemicals of wood and wood humidity is higher, other wood can be used to burn. Fireplace which need to be installed? How to install? Fireplaces need have no less than four meters of vertical height is 15 cm in diameter of the carbon steel pipe or stainless steel useful to natural smoke pull the wind. House has a chimney if it is your home the original, smoke tube will be placed inside the chimney, vertical to the location of the chimney smoke at the top of the window. The inside diameter of chimney is not less than 20 cm, an altitude of no less than four meters, chimney top to have a smokestack, smoke the opening area of not less than 300 square centimeters of the window, and at least two sides split. Housing is no chimney smoke tube with outside, from the top of the fireplace or at the back and up to four meters high from the ground. 5. Some people in the use of domestic villa fireplace, will want to follow the old practice abroad, put wood directly in the open hole in the wall of combustion. Such use is not scientific and economic, and even dangerous, why? The calibre of the chimney design often is too large and more direct to, cause a lot of wind, for the most part the heat of combustion are pulled out. Burn only form part of the radiation energy, the vast majority of heat through the chimney, and cause the waste of energy, cannot be effective heating room. Because it is a one-time combustion, cannot guarantee complete combustion. Incomplete combustion will produce a large number of harmful gases, carbon monoxide, such as stack design is not reasonable, can guarantee the toxic gases emitted completely. Incomplete combustion produces soot, at the same time when the poor chimney draft, smoke flow backward into indoor, pollution of the wall and furniture. If accidentally inhaled, will also be a health hazard. Incomplete combustion of coke ash will accumulate on the inner wall of the chimney reaches a certain thickness can lead to the chimney wall fire ( 烟囱火) 。 The chimney of the fire temperature is very high, will cause a fire danger. Poorly designed chimney can cause downdraught, make flames pour into indoor, resulting in fire danger. Pulling the wind because chimneys are caused by the negative pressure air, forced air replenishing from Windows and doors into the interior. When radiation heat to heat added in the cold air, can make whole and interior of the average temperature rise but not fall.
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