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What is the difference between fireplace with gas fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace and fireplace belongs to gas fireplace, the heating effect is pretty good, just fuel combustion is different, the former is the burning of wood, the latter burning natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, so what is the difference between these two kinds of fireplace? Although fireplace write write 1, the installation of two kinds of fireplace need professional and technical, but, by contrast, fireplace installed more conditions to be met, the installation program is more complex, also need a peripheral chimney, and do not need chimney gas fireplace, rarely need building permits, only need to install an exhaust pipe is ok. Although compared with traditional fireplace 2, environmental protection, modern fireplace has improved a lot in clean environmental protection, the closed chamber and secondary combustion technology, low cost, high calorific value, burning full, emission clean, etc. But compared with gas fireplace, or less. Gas is a clean combustion technology, do not produce wood ash, there will be no embers, cleaner, more environmentally friendly than a fireplace, according to the statistics, it emits particles around nearly doubled with fewer than in the fireplace. So, by contrast, gas fireplace cleaner environment. Gas fireplace write write 3, cost of gas fireplace in commonly 0 gas consumption. 5 - 0. About after 9 m/h, the running cost is 1 1. 9 yuan/hour, in terms of running for 5 hours a day, need to the cost of 5 - 9. 5 yuan. Wood for the fireplace consumption per hour at around 4 to 5 jins, 1 yuan per jin wood, needs $5 per hour, also calculate by 5 hours a day, the day the cost is about 25 yuan. So, gas fireplace cost is much lower. 4 and atmosphere, because is wood burning fireplace, flame look and feel more natural, and also with wood burning sputter and trees unique smell, build the environment atmosphere more sweet, more romantic, more close to nature. This is gas fireplace can't do it. Gas fireplace, fireplace write write fireplace or have their own advantages, you can choose according to their actual situation and preferences. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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