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What is the difference between fireplace and imitation of electric fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Fireplace and electric fireplace, the difference is as follows: 1, the difference between the spectator: fireplace is real flame, rich move feeling, rotate, change, is a kind of three-dimensional perception; Imitation of electric fireplace is a reflection of the lights on two-dimensional plane flame, with imitation of carbon, but it is not true to life. 2, temperature difference: heat source is the fuel burning in the fireplace flame heat, and the simulation of the fireplace heat source is the heat generated by the lower or upper fan, this is a big difference, fireplace in 6 kw power - Around 25 kw, gas fireplace in 6 kw power - Electric fireplace power about 15 kw, simulation is in commonly 0. 75千瓦, 1. About 5 kw. The resulting heating area difference is very big also, 50 - fireplace can heating About 160 square, imitation electric fireplace basic around 15 square. 3, installation and operation: the difference between a fireplace requires independent flue, for flue gas emissions, fuel wood fireplace, ignition, ash cleaning all need artificial processing, but the beauty of the fireplace with its flame, authenticity and higher heating value, favored by the users in Europe and the United States. Gas fireplace flue gas supply and also need to have an independent, wood and gas fireplace adopts emulators, pebbles, burning effect and fireplace almost identical, and clean up the waste gas fireplace without adding wood, ignition using the power switch automatic pulse ignition.
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