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What is the desk lamp of suitable for students

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Student desk lamp wants the selection for the eyesight has certain protective eye reading zhi, lamp, the so-called the desk lamp that shield an eye on the market quality is uneven, should choose the desk lamp, choose the reading desk lamp that shield an eye, need to choose from the following several aspects of the parameters, select the parameters of good brand: 1, color rendering index, select the desk lamp of high color rendering index, with natural light color rendering index for 100, color refers to the after 100, the better, the results shows that the more close to natural light. The desk lamp of desk lamp market professional high-end color rendering index can reach 97, followed by 95, color rendering index of 90, 95 or more common. Most common desk lamp color rendering index in 90 and the following. 2, blue light, need to see if lamp blu-ray, whether to meet the national standards, the most basic standard is 200 mm distance measured blu-ray hazard rating should not exceed RG1, in fact most of the professional lighting research companies, called the desk lamp that shield an eye on the reduction of blu-ray do bad, or even false the desk lamp that shield an eye. 3, anti glare, to do the light soft not dazzling, don't use eyes feel tired for a long time, the related to desk lamp optical structure is adopted by the professional. Most of the desk lamp on the optical structure on market with a more casual, do not dazzling is a bigger lamp brightness loss expense. The desk lamp of professional high-end do better on the anti glare, lumen is higher, the brightness of the actual does not reduce much. 4, the color temperature, read the desk lamp that shield an eye color temperature in k - 3000 Is suitable for 4000 k, 3000 k with more in Europe, of which 3000 k - 3300 k is the most suitable for infants and young children; In Asia, people used to use 4000 k color temperature is more; 3000 k - 4000 k can choose according to their own preferences. Less than 3000 k yellow, white is higher than 4000 k, read for a long time to use is not friendly to the eyes. 5, no stroboscopic, choose no stroboscopic lamp. Generally stroboscopic can test it out with your mobile phone, desk lamp advised to choose a professional brand lamp products, too many false the reading desk lamp that shield an eye on the market, if it is for a child more attention should be paid to. Actually, insist to do professional lighting is not much. The desk lamp of merchants mostly is based on a variety of functions on the market for the stunt, ignore the pursuit of light, have already put the cart before the horse. Choose the mainly reading lamp that shield an eye or to choose professional light reading the desk lamp that shield an eye, eye can choose lighting reading lamp series, select reading lamp, I choose lighting!
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