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What is the advantage the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Now already is late autumn season, long winter is coming. Are you ready to greet the arrival of the winter? Whether you want to comfortable nest in the home not to go out? So, will start to prepare the fireplace! Although, air conditioning can keep warm, but it will get very dry indoor. Floor heating is also a lot of people want to choose, but it is not controllable, easily lead to indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too big, so easy to get sick. What advantage, then, true fire fireplace? The following, and small make up to look at.
the true fire fireplace on market basically has wood type, gas type and the type of alcohol. Compare with the domestic traditional heating methods, true fire fireplace basically has the following advantages: a, high efficiency,

true fire fireplace is through the heat to achieve the effect of heat conduction, radiation and convection heat source via infrared passed directly to the body, with air conditioning heating takes a long time to reach thermal effect, only need light for a few minutes and true fire fireplace can achieve the same effect of heat, so it is very efficient.
2, environmental protection:
in the cost, although the true fire fireplace to buy expensive than air conditioning and radiator. But in the process of using the cost of consumption is far lower than the former two. The use of the same calorific value, true fire fireplace cost is only half of the air conditioning. In use process in addition, the true fire fireplace in the heating way of sweet emotional appeal and adornment effect is incomparable.
so light see these two advantages, knew the true fire fireplace is very suitable for people to buy. And true fire fireplace is very popular in China, not only to bring warmth to the room, or noble decorative items, is the aesthetic enjoyment on the vision. If you want to buy high quality and beautiful and the true fire fireplace, please go to the Beijing sunshine environmental technology co. , LTD. , believe that will give you a warm winter!
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