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What is hanging the fireplace? The two fireplaces tell you

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Hanging fireplace, just as its name implies is to hang up the fireplace, compared to other standing fireplace, can save a space, more and more beautiful, more fashionable. This paper will detail below two suspension fireplace, hope everyone looked after can have a knowledge of it. 1, custom shaped suspension fireplace, USES the traditional casting process, contracted style, high quality material, has brought the breath of nature, and follow the contracted uncommon everywhere and mix and not random design concept, modern fashion design, Jane clever and diamond at the outside light Jane beauty in the life can be perceived. The fireplace material: stainless steel/Q235 steel 304 ( Optional) Surface process: matte black imported high temperature coating, copper plating, colorful enamel ( Optional) Product size ( Mm) diameter * : 1000 * 560, 800 * 530 wall thickness: conventional 3 mm thick, custom optional 3 - 10 mm pipe diameter: 219 mm fireplace normal fuel: wood / / atomization gas custom cycle: 20 - 35 days descr: 1. Standard flange and decorative sheeting, excluding indoor straight pipe; 2. Indoor pipe Q235 cold-rolled steel sheet material is 3 mm thick, outdoor pipe is 304 stainless steel pipe. Indoor pipe is only used to install the fireplace when floor space, the lower part of condole top, flange installation more than bringing rotary connector, then connect the outdoor stainless steel tube; 3. The installation of outdoor pipe technical requirements ( Including broken roof waterproof problems to consider) Consistent with fireplace ( Horizontal pipes had better not exceed 3 m) 。 800-2, hanging fireplace, diameter 1250 mm, fixed on the top of the roof! Indoor smoke tube furnace within 3 meters in length, l can do, is the furnace body and the pipe a integrated! If indoor smoke tube length exceeds the standard, it is necessary to furnace body is separated from a pipe! Both outdoor pipe parts according to the fireplace matching and the construction technology and requirement! Suitable for villas, hotels, homes, offices, and so on. Installation method: paragraphs wall/central chamber diameter ( mm) : 600-1250 standard accessories: 3 metre indoor straight pipe, flange, rainhat pipe diameter: 165 ~ 220 mm medium: burning wood weight: 115 KG is hanging above the fireplace. More details welcome consulting fireplace!
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