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What is color coordination of modern art lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-07
In terms of the role of the main lighting, if the sitting room more than 3, 5 m above the living room, can choose high grade, size larger project-light lamp or absorb dome light, if the right height and 3 m, appropriate USES intermediate chandeliers: height below 2, 5 m, appropriate USES intermediate decorative absorb dome light or do not need to advocate the lamp. Additional use of the independence of modern lamp or floor lamp will be put on one side of the sofa, don't put light scattered throughout the living area, directly to talk or browsing books and newspapers. Also can be placed in the appropriate position on the wall of the wall lamp with chic modelling, can make the raw cooked brightness on the wall. If there are murals, display cabinet, etc. , can set up invisible light shooting attempt to decorate. In the TV next to a miniature low illumination of incandescent lamp, can relieve hall contrast, helps to protect the eyesight. The light of modern art design specification, usually according to customer's actual size to choose the size of the lamps and lanterns of the sitting room. Through a lot of lamps and lanterns, summarized the general living room height of the building in 2, 5 - 3 meters, so the choice of lamps and lanterns is not more than 1, 2, m, and villa to 4 of the sitting room is 5 meters, should choose the lamps and lanterns of 1, 5 meters above looks comfortable. At the same time, the height of the lamp body is good not to fall below the diameter, otherwise it will due to the imbalance and the lack of aesthetic feeling. Buy and choose the light of modern art note 1, pay attention to color coordination; 2, avoid dazzle, eliminate eye fatigue; 3, reasonable distribution of light source: ceiling light, make the person feel the space increased, ceiling dark, make the person feels cramped, concave; 4, direction, and the intensity of the light should be appropriate; 5, lighting arrangement and the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, and the environment. Is usually between 50 to 150 lux; 6, to reduce the lighting levels to save energy and prolong lamp life; 7, rich room atmosphere ( Influence people's psychological activity) ; 8, the change of light intensity so as to adapt to a variety of activities, implement various scenarios of the room.
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