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What is a floor lamp? Floor lamp advantages and disadvantages of what?

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Floor lamp is now a lot of families are like one kind of lamps and lanterns, it often reveal a low-key do not break elegant temperament again, although it is not like some of the other lamps and lanterns of mainstream popular degree is high, but there is no lack of pursuers, so what is a floor lamp? Floor lamp advantages and disadvantages of what? What is a floor lamp? Floor lamp is on the ground from the literal meaning of lamp used for lighting. Used for local lighting for the room, and at the same time also has the role of the ornament adornment of the environment that occupy the home. Not on the siting of often activity area. Floor lamp is generally lampshade, stents, base composition. The material of floor lamp is generally stent to metal materials for more, chimney, general is made of plastic material. Floor lamp advantages and disadvantages of what? Floor lamp floor lamp advantages: 1, mobile convenience, not like some mainstream classes such as chandelier or absorb dome light, they are all installed on the roof to hold hover, is can't move at all. And floor lamp in contrast is very convenient, as long as the wire is long enough, to where you want to put. And very light or even a child can take mobile casually, especially in the living room and bedroom, would you like to put the sitting room also can let a bedroom also can. 2, maintenance more convenient: floor lamp maintenance is very convenient, especially, wrought iron floor lamp, floor lamp but cany art of maintenance is relatively difficult, consider the lamps and lanterns of the mainstream of the large, at the time of maintenance must be worry about a lot of bad man, dismounting to climb to the high place, clean finish to install, time-consuming and laborious. Look again at our floor lamp, the structure is simple, when we were cleaning the house can be to clean it. If really have problems, one can easily get a screwdriver. 3, energy saving save electricity: in fact for energy saving province electricity about this aspect, the main still should see the use of light source, if is to use incandescent bulbs, the province electricity also can't go there, but relative to other lamp, floor lamp light source is less, and are now made more light source, led lamp and floor lamp than other lighting power saving a lot of electricity is most common in every household spending, but can save a province. The lamps and lanterns of the large as long as open is hundreds of watts of power. And floor lamp power is so small, only a light source, large power consumption is also dozens of tile, is one over ten of the large lamps and lanterns, the most suitable for ordinary families. Floor lamp floor lamp of faults: the advantages of far more than the disadvantages, if don't want to find out its shortcomings, that is the price of the floor lamp is on the high side, but this for its advantages, is not weakness.
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