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What do you know the light of modern art modelling more popular?

by:Longjian     2020-08-25
Sitting room lighting in using the above all sorts of general modern art lamp lighting system at the same time, the auxiliary lighting and local lighting should also be considered. Is normally made auxiliary lighting, wall lamp and floor lamp to foil sitting room advocate the lighting style; Use shoot the lamp to throw light on the pictures in the sitting room and art lighting, more show the charm of art. Light eaves art lamp lighting is a kind of concealed lighting. It will lighting and building structure closely, show the charm of architectural art lighting, lighting has been widely used in the living room. Light eaves lighting must be made to match the other way. Such as to match the chandeliers, wall lamp or dome light, all the better. When you cross the dream-like space and time tunnel, one goggle is the rest of the world in the sky, it is hitting the heart dream lighting art, a huge lantern show is now the nangongshan wuzhou plants in the park. Wow, Lantern Festival! In the past only to see the New Year's day or Mid-Autumn festival, now in Beijing fengtai also can see, but also high quality. A lamp is good, in a museum just know, a lot of lamps and lanterns, is very popular in the vast majority of commercial lighting space. Such as the general track light, use in a store, lights out effect is good. When the development of modern design modernistic design, before the experience design movement, or that design should 'from nature', or call to break away from the traditional form, the essence of which is a traditional decoration level for the pursuit of creating new decoration style. The modelling of lamps and the pursuit of modern art is still a naturalistic modelling style, but also no way to adapt to the time of the machine production. The design of the machine age need to find their own product design form language, cubism of geometry, the structured abstract form there is no doubt that in the industrial production more adapted to the requirement of rationality and order.
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