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What are your understanding of the art of modern lamp? The appearance of modern art lamp is full of the fashionable and elegant temperament, for example

by:Longjian     2020-08-28
The appearance of modern art lamp is full of the fashionable and elegant temperament, such as high-grade pendant lamp, crystal lamp, let a person feel exquisite fashion. Modern art lamp also give a person a kind of nature, advocate natural feeling, some lamps and lanterns blend of art and practical performance, such as plum flower wall lamp, tail lamp, such as artistic modelling, also on the lampshade with all sorts of elegant design. Modern art lamp pay attention to energy saving, economical and practical, modern lamps and lanterns made by the advanced technology, while power is low, but its brightness is much higher than the same power of incandescent lamp, such as our common energy-saving lamps. And emphasize the luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect of the European decorate a style, european-style lamp pay attention to the curve shape and colour and lustre is gorgeous. Modern art lamp chimney american-style chimney is in the majority with linen cloth lamp shade, and the quality of the surface of the lamp shade uniform texture, soft and fine and smooth, juncture place no outcrop, not too wide in light when tapping light heavy stick. The lamp body surface should be smooth level off, the surface without trachoma, color processing to uniform flow, so you can have a good sense. Modern art has chandeliers, wall lamp, absorb dome light lamp antique lamp suitable for space such as larger social occasions. All sorts of lamps and bovine eye lamp belongs to the innovation of lamps and lanterns. At ordinary times, writing desk lamp, floor lamp, the sunlight of berth lamp, all belong to the traditional commonly used lamps and lanterns. These three kinds of the modelling of the lamp in general should as far as possible when choosing to pursue series. Style to choose according to their own artistic appeal and condition of the bedroom. Modern art lamp for modelling elegant, aesthetic feeling and simple sense, and the collection value to a certain extent, and popular with the public like, widely used in hotels, villas, clubs and other places, copper lamp simple maintenance and cleaning, but time is long, dust and oxidation problems unavoidably affect the appearance of lamps and lanterns, as well as the refractive index of a crystal, glass, copper lamps
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