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What are the material of wall lamp, what kind of material is better?

by:Longjian     2020-09-27
What are the material of wall lamp, what kind of material is better? Wall lamp is one of the most common type of lamps and lanterns in our life, its use range is very wide, adornment effect is also very strong, suitable for installation in the long corridor or bedroom area. So what's the material wall lamp is? Now, the lamp is to introduce the types of wall lamp lighting for everybody ~ 1. Wall lamp lighting material # 2: glass wall lamp glass is one of commonly used materials, wall lamp, especially European wall lamp, most of the chimney is made of glass, and the color is more, can make different color shade. 2. One of wall lamp lighting material: acrylic wall lamp acrylic wall lamp is the commonly used materials, although it is recently started to use this year, but its material properties is good, not only high light transmittance, and can make into various shapes of decorative pattern type, compared compared to plastic is not easy to turn yellow. But its shortcoming is also very obvious, is fragile, especially in transit, easily damaged. 3. Wall lamp lighting four of the material: metal wall lamp wall lamp made from metal material more suitable for industrial or contracted wind is the wind, which have various color is convenient. If want to young and lively atmosphere, can choose the bright-coloured color such as yellow, red or blue wall lamp to match, if want to industrial style, can choose brassy wall lamp decoration, strong and not easy to damage. 4. Wall lamp lighting material of five: crystal wall lamp crystal wall lamp modelling beautiful, because of the crystal has on light refraction, so the inside of the wall lamp light through a crystal is able to reflect the very shine, note, however, the crystal wall lamp according to the crystal material is qualitative different is also divided into many levels, in addition some businesses will use glass to pretend to be crystal, so be careful when the choose and buy. 5. Wall lamp lighting material # 3: ceramic wall lamp ceramic wall lamp for more Chinese wall lamp, pervious to light quality, not only on the lampshade can also with Chinese classical decoration, build Chinese style classical divided into, especially suitable for the Chinese style to decorate area.
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