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What are the intelligent fireplace strengths?

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Once a, intelligent fireplace add can use 20 hours or so, during can freely switch: avoid often add inconvenience, especially business hours are often added, would create a bad impression to the customer. Manual fireplace due to safety concerns, storage capacity is very few, must often add, will be very trouble. 2: intelligent fireplace can at any time by keys and remote control switch, adjust the size of the fire operation: gear can be made into high and low two, or an unlimited number of gear. Three: intelligent fireplace combustor with two storage room is completely isolated and independent institutions, greatly reduce leakage and fire danger, ordinary fireplace is burning and storage tanks are the same, that is to say a few liters or dozens of litres of barrels in the combustion, one thousand leakage occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. Four: intelligent fireplace don't need to building the installation of air duct, the flue, a large fireplace only two or three days to finish the whole installation process, don't delay the business time, can also be used as mobile; Five: intelligent fireplace don't need to install the fully enclosed protection glass, the glass is not hot, can touch, and the space feels more fusion, people close to fire more; Six: intelligent fireplace fuel absence remind function: the absence the buzzer in advance notice to add, and will be repeated for a minute to remind a, after ten minutes will automatically shut off the stove. Seven: intelligent fireplace, ceiling remind function is added to the fuel to prevent the add is too full on; Eight: earthquake, slope protection function: when in use process, users move fireplace, buzzer warning will be issued, when the fireplace fell, or an earthquake, machine will alarm buzzer, and shut off the supply of 15 seconds is not returned to normal, the fireplace will automatically shut down. Nine: intelligent fireplace carbon dioxide ( Carbon monoxide) Early warning and emergency shutdown alarm function: when indoor carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than we set emergency alarm, machines have a buzzer alarm, Machines continue to work) Again, notify the user need to deal with the ventilation, when more than the risk we set points, machine will automatically shut down. Ten: intelligent fireplace child lock protection function: boot process, the user can lock all keys, prevent children playing near the button switches. 11: smart fireplace flame ion detection system: fire accident out will automatically shut off the stove. Twelve: fire, thermal power, less consumption can be adjusted freely according to the customer request: the same stove, can according to customer's requirement, the power adjust plus or minus one or two times or more, to adapt to the indoor space size change. Overheating protection function: when indoor temperature anomalies, more than when we set the temperature ( Such as long time to open overtime, or fire) , machine will be shut down immediately, thirteen: prevent overflow protection device: cushion under control within a certain range of the combustion chamber combustion, ban on combustion of liquid level is not balanced and overflow. 14: ban on high temperature start function: when the fire in the stove just put out, the furnace temperature is very high, that will delay to restart the stove, the stove until the temperature down to a safe point ( During will keep a buzzer) Can be started automatically. Fifteen: intelligent fireplace time limit function: each can only be switched on for X hours, after will automatically shut down, prevent go out forget to turn off. ( User optional) 16: entrance guard protection function: when the machine is in use, open the mouth add the door of the stove will keep a buzzer, and stop to burn slot jet, until the door closed in again, if none within 30 seconds, the machine will automatically shut down. ( User optional) 17: intelligent fireplace by implanting android or apple control system, which can realize remote control the opening and closing
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