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What are the design of the electric fireplace way

by:Longjian     2020-10-23
Electric fireplace as a kind of common heating equipment, has a large user groups in their life. Because the performance of electric fireplace itself, and a variety of design way, so many users in understanding how the electric fireplace selection, will choose electric fireplace direct manufacturers recommend models. Then the design of the electric fireplace means what? The first: traditional installed on the Great Wall or the wall of small electric fireplace can be used to provide traditional built-in electric fireplace look to strengthen building materials. Installed in wall-mounted fireplace or fireplace plugin on the mantelpiece for such as candlestick, clock or small statue the adornment such as provide the basis. And independent type floor model with mantle and surrounded by the fireplace. The second: contemporary style in modern or contemporary rooms, can be seen on one side of the fireplace with art collection float glass shelves, and large fabric panel, canvas painting or metal wall art can be placed on the other side. This wall-mounted fireplace usually appears in modern and traditional family wall-mounted electric fireplace, wall-mounted flat TV is usually a focus of the stone wall, because contemporary design is often minimalism. When installed at the bottom of the fireplace and a single offset type floating shelf, each shelf to place one or two items, you can have a significant impact. Third: two-way fireplace type dividing walls of two rooms can provide two-way or double sided fireplace, installation in one heating two rooms to increase the efficiency of the fireplace, and expand the aesthetic feeling, and you can see from both sides in the adornment of the hollow out the shelf display. Electric fireplace this design concept can also be done through external corner fireplace, the fireplace is surround effect. Double electric fireplace wall cutting is a senior project, need to negotiate with professional contractors. Fourth: corner, alcove, unlike traditional fireplace, this kind of electric fireplace design enables users don't have to worry about electric fireplace ventilation or smoke. The Great Wall of built-in corner or niche for electric fireplace provides a perfect place. Here, the user can override the existing ledge and pillows to add built-in seats. On either side of the fireplace or adding an embedded light above wall lamp or ceiling fixtures. In a nutshell, electric fireplace can use above is put in the form of four different design and according to user's pursuit for beauty, and connecting with the surrounding space, and other equipment for the reasonable design of put, which makes the electric fireplace design more unique, and in more decorative appearance, let people at the same time of heating can feast for the eyes.
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