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What are the common style droplight sitting room

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
1, modern fashion droplight: maybe the modern, there are many people like atmosphere, luxurious furniture of Europe type style, modern style droplight instead more popular, however, so the market most chandelier style is modern flavour is dye-in-the-wood, offers a broad choice space and room for manoeuvre. 2, Chinese style droplight, Chinese style droplight appearance are mostly classical atmosphere, light and agile, if installed in the foyer area, bright luster and classical breath brings joy to the person's mood, the design of Chinese style through the projection of lamplight, the dream is unreal, make you be agitated mood is happy. 3, crystal droplight: this type of chandelier are popular with the masses of people, the glittering and translucent crystal, dreaming of lighting effects, not only soft, and very beautiful, crystal lamp is divided into natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead crystal droplight of blow molding, low lead crystal droplight of blow molding; Crystal glass intermediate shape chandelier, crystal pendant, crystal droplight die casting strip cutting modelling droplight, crystal glass droplight, etc. 4, candlestick type of Europe type style droplight: this type of the modelling of droplight has atmosphere and expensive gas color, give a person a kind of noble temperament, candlestick droplight of design inspiration comes from the ancient people completely use of the candlestick.
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