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What are the categories of the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
1, classified by the fireplace core room fireplace core points, according to the fuel mainly include fireplace, fireplace, electric fireplace in the three. For electric fireplace, is the main characteristics of practicality, environmental protection and energy saving, and at the time of installation is very convenient; And fireplace basically is used, the characteristic is nature, warmth, economy is comfortable, safe cleaning, diverse styles, convenient use, etc. The fireplace is the feature of natural warmth, low cost, style diversity, safe cleaning, etc. 2, according to the structure shape classification in contemporary in decorating, many family more attention room fireplace structure and shape, there are two main types of the main structure shape, one is a stand of fireplace, one is embedded fireplace. Stand of fireplace, a little things around the stove can provide radiant heat and use fan to assist convective heat, and simple installation. Embedded fireplace in the main characteristic is to install the fireplace in the wall, and once a heat source and obtain very good effect. 3, according to different classification say different cultural room for the classification of the fireplace, is mainly refers to the above mentioned English fireplace, American fireplace, fireplace and so on, French for European and American style fireplace, the characteristics of the main interest is curve, asymmetric rule, color soft bright, advocate natural, etc. And American fireplace, more pursuit is concise and individual character, including a lot of country folk characteristics, so more pay attention to the details of the shape. To learn more knowledge, fireplace, please pay attention to the fireplace
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