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What are the advantages of fireplace what are the advantages of using it

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
The fireplace, just as its name implies is true fire fireplace, mainly by burning wood heating. That what are the advantages compared with other fireplace, fireplace use it and what are the benefits? 1, the real fire, return to natural fireplace to produce real flame, warm and natural, let a person can't resist. Whether children or old man, when they saw the burning fireplace like gathered in front of the fire, reading a book, chat, party, like the warm feeling to throw firewood fire, is the most natural, romantic warmth. 2, heating, safe environmental protection it has already been said, mainly by burning wood fireplace to keep warm, it is a safe and environmentally friendly way of heating. Compared with the traditional fireplace, modern fireplace had greatly improved, using a closed chamber and secondary combustion technology, low cost, high calorific value, burning full, emission clean, etc. 3, heating effect, the heating power of the natural and comfortable fireplace is much larger than all kinds of air conditioning and central heating. In - Under the temperature of 10 ℃, 40 - 100 - square - meter house, fireplaces ignite 10 minutes, can make indoor temperature rise to more than 20 ℃. Fireplace by thermal radiation and convection, heat evenly, the fresh air in the convection can automatically adjust and improve the air quality of the bedroom, in addition, the heat of the fire radiation like sunshine can contain infrared sterilization, tide, make the person feels very warm and comfortable. 4, lower cost, cost-effective fireplace is commonly used as a heat source, use cost low, coupled with high heating efficiency, so economic benefits. Such as general of the central air conditioning power in 10 to 15, big can reach 30 pieces, they should spend at least ten degrees per hour, as much as $10 an hour, according to the use of seven hours a day is a day to 70 yuan. The wood for the fireplace consumption per hour at around 4 to 5 jins, 1 yuan per jin wood, needs $5 per hour, also calculate by 7 hours a day, the cost of the end of the day is about 35 yuan, less than half the money spent air conditioning. Comfortable and natural, romantic and elegant, safe environmental protection, heating effect is good, economical and practical, this is the advantages and benefits of the fireplace, of course, it is also a kind of leisure culture, even is a kind of art of beauty, is also a kind of life enjoyment. More knowledge of the fireplace, welcome consulting fireplace!
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