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What advantage, fireplace three ask answer to help you fully understand

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Q: can you tell me the market layout, service concept to answer: good question you, for us, zhongshan, Shanghai, hangzhou is the focus of the economic development city in China, also attaches great importance to regional markets. We will base on this, in a more perfect organizational structure, combined with support regional customers more deepening regional development strategy, rapid response to customer demand, here I am a bit, so far, our strategic plan. Now has signed more than 30 provincial and municipal agents, what is this level? What concept? Which means we almost the red flag of 'revolution' looked through the great river north and south. On the other hand is hoping to put foreign high-quality goods and excellent service, bring the fireplace lovers, experience Italkero hergom and TRAFORART from Spain, Italy and palazzetti, UK - A The classic model of the fire and the western romantic way of life, because of the foreign excellent fireplace manufacturer and we are the exclusive cooperation. At the same time also look forward to working with domestic fireplace peers learn from each other, common development. Liberalisation will always adhering to the design. Logistics facilitation. Installation of specialization. Product customization. Human services. Timely after-sales enterprise idea. Facing the new era background of the new requirements, common set of ideas, gather intelligence, improve themselves, to adapt to real elite individual customer group. In the future, will continue to stick to, for the credibility and brand focus on European imports fireplace industry, adviser to become more and more the owner of the quality of life. Q: by the fireplace, in what specific technical level compared with other advantages? A: this technology to say could have A lot of, I simply list A few British A - like our agent Fire, their fireplace pioneering modular splicing technology, the means to make the fireplace was laid by the construction factors such as environment, space time officially ended, A minus The fire is also the only one that can make the fireplace in the world after the 'turn' flame connection layer, does not affect the fire experience of the company. The technical problems of the other is not reasonable air flow and convection, we all know that hot air and cold air pressure is not the same, the hot air is lighter than cold air, so the hot air in combustion chamber of a stove or furnace will go toward outside but cold air will think of some way to go toward inside drill, Spain hergom of products is very good to solve the problem, why do I say this is a problem, because it may result in combustor burning fireplace too rapidly, it is a waste of resources, because hergom their company all products are cast iron, they have their own iron foundry, all aspects of cast iron is better than steel and iron, also slightly higher thermal efficiency. Our fireplace also adopted high temperature resistant enamel microcrystalline glass as fire glass, the glass what's wonders, is in the fire in the flourishing, you touch the glass he is not very hot, the heat resistant up to one thousand degrees Celsius. Our independent research and development and other patented zengarden series of products is also adopted some I said above these technologies. Actually, fireplace, technology is independent combustor ( The difference between collective apartment and individual apartment) And double combustion technology ( Ignition is more efficient, higher thermal efficiency), Flue and chimney proportion these nouns, here I say 1 extra, compared to the technology I personally prefer the quality of the products like Italian Palazzetti all products are the two detection, security detection circuit for the first time, and the function of each component; After also to secondary test the assembled products. CE, at the same time the European authorities IMQ, Kiwa, Kiwa GASTEC, CSTB, DIN certification issued by the examination and approval, to better ensure the independence and impartiality of the inspection work. Q: by the fireplace in the aspect of design have what advantage? Answer: I mentioned before, we - 2016 Successively in 2017 and Palazzetti Hergom company in Spain and Italy, Spain, Britain A - Traforart company Fire company, Italy Italkero company established a strategic partnership, by the hand of the famous designer George milan, build the collection of the 'IKI' fireplace series, the unique aesthetic artistic conception, or fashion modern attitude or simple and elegant design, and aims to awaken the sleeping soul household, explore the essence of the real life. And as it happens, the fireplace is the eye of the recognized visual focus, space, can also is between intangible will improve several Level class. Show the luxury home elements of quality are the only design elements. Our agent in Italy Palazzetti fireplace is because the Design obtained such as 'VESTA BEST AWARD' awards 2014 Good Design. 红点( Product design award) 。 The red dot award ( Red dot award with Germany IF award, the IDEA and called the world three big design) 。 All other forms of furniture are dead already, but the design of the fireplace is alive, he is better than a bed, a desk and chair, a lamp in the 'less is more' tall.
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