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What about the design of wall lamp type?

by:Longjian     2020-09-02
Modern art design wall lamp, lamp manufacturers want to consider the relationship of wall lamp and metope, nowadays paint colour is abounded, can transform wall colour way, let the wall lamp on the wall do not appear isolated. White or light yellow walls, for example, on the wall lamp can choose shallow green, light blue; Lake green and sky blue wall can match ivory, pale yellow, dark brown, on the background wall, a light visible wall lamp, not only become the nods eyeball pen, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling. Generally said, if the sitting room space is higher, should use a fork to five fork incandescent pendent lamp, or a large round droplight, can make the sitting room appears so gorgeous. If the sitting room space is low, can be used to absorb dome light and floor lamp, so it becomes lively and generous, the sitting room has the time feeling. Floor lamp beside the sofa, the sofa side table with a decorative craft lamp, if the relocation a lower bracket light near the wall, this effect is better. Not only have local lighting, read a book, read the newspaper and talking in receive a visitor have also added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. TV can be installed on the wall at the back of the small bracket light, the light is downy, to protect the eyesight. Restaurant the chimney of appropriate USES appearance bright and clean glass, plastic, or metal material, so that scrub at any time, rather than by weaving, yarn, fabric chimney or modelling is multifarious, pendant lamp shade. Fluorescent, or incandescent light source appropriate USES yellow, light is given priority to with warm warm color. If on the wall near the appropriate configuration with warm color wall lamp, can make a fete guest more warm atmosphere, and can increase appetite. The bedroom is given priority to with downy, warm light. Wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the interior of the central dome light, modern art lamp wall lamp appropriate USES the diffuse materials chimney, low surface brightness at the top of the wall of the head of a bed, with a light brown cut glass wall lamp, of primitive simplicity, elegance, deep and lasting appeal. Bedside table available lash desk lamp, if it is a double bed, also can be in on each side of the bed, a lamp that match the lamps and lanterns raised optical switch, so that one of them to read the time another man is not affected by the interference of light. The bathroom is a place that make people relaxed, so want to use bright downy light evenly illuminated the whole bathroom. Smaller bathroom, only need to install a lamp ceiling lamp is enough; The bathroom with larger area, can use luminous ceiling diffuse lighting or used dome light wall lamp lighting system. Lavatory appropriate USES wall lamp instead of dome light, which can avoid, condensation effect on lamps and lanterns lighting lamps and lanterns and corrosion. Make bath with wall lamp lighting, the light into the bath, send out a sweet smell, especially relaxation of body and mind. But beware, the wall lamp with moistureproof performance.
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