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West-wing, 'return home, rather than a foreign guest

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Recently a number of online public opinion, is the hottest hot spot for the permanent residence of foreigners regulations, take patriotic, for instance, simple two word is full of 1. 4 billion people. As importers of the foreign advanced fireplace, learners with further by the user for me, I was innocent or columns, there are a number of extreme but with thick patriotism color fan message under my articles, some filthy and some allusions, part I amaze, often asked about their attitude, I also always firmly tell them, although I personally is a businessman, but he is ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, the biggest 'emperor han' focused on five thousand, lax regulation is my concern, the road to a bonzi killed all to plug ZhongJian also is my concern. Traditionally, Chinese people prefer emperor observe the laws of ethics, for the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful. Especially inheritance the word has a unique charm, I have repeatedly emphasized again is, development to today's fireplace can be said to be the home or overseas Chinese, but must not be arbitrary as exotic, because see through things nature, it's not hard to find under long narrative arc tend to build a new world to us, to a a little stimulation on the adventure of a lifetime. Qin and han dynasties have warm bed, and the prototype of the fireplace, China between tang and song dynasties, popular in the literati holding furnace, you can understand as a portable fireplaces, which I also engaged in this industry, not a whim, but the whole admire already a long time. To represent the outside two dynasty of China, the han, the tang dynasty, initiated by rogue liu han dynasty name out of a nation, if the lees royal know now overseas Chinese must have also still to than said at the time of tang dynasty smiles at jiuquan. In the five elements, han and belongs to the fire, jing qi, tang earthy, fire raw soil, visible even advocating: water on China, for the flame to the pursuit of light is still strong. We will play in the yard well convenient for water, but when the fireplace or hold in the palm, or placed in the lobby of the central, can literally from the feudal dynasty, that the designers know the C, the fireplace is home to the focus absorption fine artifact. Let's see who can say that is not advocating period to the fire. We are addicted to the five stone scattered in the 5th to bring of pleasant sensation, in the southern song dynasty miss linan crowing, suffer from in the first half of the 20th century 'behind will be beaten' humiliation. The dry blood flow is a hero? No, it isn't, it is like a mysterious dragon vein to the right way to start, perhaps a generation efforts, may be generations of hard work. But when the night wore on, a single spark can start a prairie fire. Once in a game of CARDS on the table with us rivals in the waves, there is a moment so brief, even almost by diving into our own, the latter of the aggressive drive down to table, but ultimately is held up, rolled up his sleeves throw these annoying invaders out, because our hands or have driven the torch of wolves, veins flowing with the blood of a hero after all. To turn over all previous dynasties of ancient book, remove the abundant is hard for the local conditions and customs of the detailed description, I read more about the fireplace in the history of stop and meditation, if the garden of Eden was a fictional utopian, as witnessed by the fireplace is to record reality, ugly evil, there are also true war with peace, is carried by the fire, the passed is hot, warm is the common people and the people, but in the words of historians are all national and time of doubt, no call of for an ideal building, the real thing, this some burning tingling flame carrying goods, real shocking. And who also happened to be in the past due, can easily destroy the tear ducts of the Chinese people. ShengShiRu you wish, but you did with the green hill. No abuse of the heart, no memory, only inheritance, is from new generation, is a nation's enthusiasm for flame, recognition, bearing. China may yield, but has never been appointed, may even have so one day, anyone dare not to speak loudly to China.
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