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Wealthy private house, why are favorite in the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Text represents a mood, a kind of power, and I think, at this time I must be the expression of the text, using the same control, the more modest, bland, pet together forget the shame, there is no reason, or reasons like most people, the longest 'winter vacation' in the history of China and the world is going to curtilage panic off my mind. Are repetitive and mechanical daily, watering the plants, clean dirty company, never sat in the front of the fireplace with a book, want to quiet reading has always been the flame in the hearth, and attracted by the crack wood burns out. But I was always the fear of fire worship of water, more books may be read, always fantasy with proverb: water, is under extremely poor in example of Confucianism 'acid', but it does not prevent me about fear of fire and yearning, I know this kind of element is changed eat birds and animals raw state, can say every fire represents a big step forward of human society, I cling to a day in front of the fire with the read may also has some to the illusion of flame with persistence, it is different from other natural elements, is the suiren can bring hope, also can bring the degenerate angel of destruction, but as a kind of the element itself is not wrong and right, the key lies in the use of the user and user way. Take fireplace, for instance, at first I was one-sided think simply heating the beauty of decoration, can make the finishing point can be the icing on the cake, but after deep understanding to find previous narrow, because it is a flame is a kind of carrier, can also be understood as a barrier to a guarantee or even a prison prison, since at the beginning of the human will never tame unruly flame, Australia's four months wildfires in addition to show the incompetence of western government should make us all more fear to fire. It can help you drive beast cold, cooking, living hot water, but also can incarnate conceptions of devouring everything, fire such words may be combined with previous bloody lessons after it. After I described it, turned to look at the fireplace again, you will generate a heartfelt gratitude, that kind of deep heart without any distractions, it locks in offensive and used for us, I don't want to here will be a common in domestic outfit design elements to rise to what the height of the messiah, because that smack of a cult, I want to say is, fireplace for us is gazing at the abyss of reliable safety fence, curiosity kills the cat, in fact is more and more common human curiosity, it is hard to imagine no flame of civilization is, also it is hard to imagine that there is no fireplace flame how rampant. Said to the fundamental, the fireplace is actually human tame fire a great attempt, not failure is not successful, ancient people discovered that with the attributes of the hot fire elves can bring benefits, also vaguely felt the resulting threat, so how to do? Than to build a palace prison prison, which has a fireplace with the medium of human flame first into a contract of mutual benefit and reciprocity, the flame safeguard all human daily life, human is supply of fuel. Understatement of light, it may be hidden with dozens of generations to generations of unremitting efforts, the effort is improved step by step to the fireplace and adapt to the new human environment.
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