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We are installing modern lamp to make safety in important position

by:Longjian     2020-08-27
Now people more and more pay attention to the modern Lantern Festival can environmental protection consciousness, lamps and lanterns if excellent energy saving effect can not only help us to reduce electricity, at the same time contributing to a greenery, when energy saving lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, we need to pay attention to check the power rating of lamps and lanterns, choose the lamps and lanterns of the total wattage low, its energy saving performance is more outstanding, on the phone with the energy-saving lamps 'section' the word mark, mark the product is the corresponding certification. When we choose lamps and lanterns, need to put safety first, there is no safe guarantee registration, to highlight the advantages of the other can not buy, especially those families with children, but also need to pay attention to the safety problem of lamps and lanterns. At the same time, the different environment of the safety standards of lamps and lanterns is different also, the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen and toilet will need to choose waterproof and dustproof level is higher, the modern lamp good don't choose those who have the sharp parts of products, guarantee the safety of the children at home. The modern lamp doesn't seem to have too big difference, its material is consistent, the modern lamp still pay attention to the classic feelings, just on the style and shape is relatively simple, concise and easy appearance, pay more attention to leisure and comfort. Exquisite atmosphere: indeed, American lamps and lanterns is give a person feel very warm, let live or contact the guest feel very warm, is the real design essence of American style furniture, so American chimney used color is warm color department, monochromatic department mainly. Have the family of the sitting room can use some more fashionable lamp in the living room, more than three * droplight, ornamental design wall lamp, such as rotating floor lamp, etc. Housing is nervous family shoulds not be too fashionable lamps and lanterns, this will increase the crowded feeling. Less than 2. The room 8 meters high, unfavorable also install droplight, the modern lamp to make the room appears high. In order not to destroy the integral color design of the room, must pay attention to the chimney of lamps and lanterns, the color of the shell and the color harmony of metope, furniture, curtain. To know more about, after the manufacturer and the dealer's name, address, contact person, telephone, so that quality problems can contact timely solve. The surface of the lamp should try to keep dry, wet should be erased as soon as possible, if not careful to use the cold wind blow dry.
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