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Want to make the home warming in cb to 'wake up'

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the industry professionals Li Jitong. He said, the domestic most area of water quality are hard, generally in cb in use after a year or two, pipe will produce scale, and wall hanging furnace heating is the core of the heat exchange efficiency and service life, the influencing factors of both * * is the problem scale. As attached on the inner wall of the heat exchanger on the scale of increasing continuously, the heat exchanger pipe diameter will be more and more fine, lead to poor water, increase the burden of the pump and heat exchanger, heating effect nature, so the floor always to heat up. 'Scale and thickening, shorten the service life of the cb, at the same time also can increase the gas consumption. 'Every year before for maintenance and debugging how to make efficient heating wall hanging furnace? Cb Li Jitong said that with the use of air conditioning, a year before the 'service', also want to make the necessary maintenance and debugging. Wall hanging furnace is not as simple as cleaning air conditioning cleaning, first of all, to clean with clear water cycle about 10 minutes, wash it will float rust; Second, join stripping agent and relievers - cycle in pipeline cleaning about 20 minutes, then add in proportion with good descaling cleaning agent for circulation, * * passivation coating pipe processing, the whole pipeline can be cleaned with water again. This series of actions like cb let awoke from a deep sleep, is very necessary! The user can refer to the instruction execution, or contact the manufacturer, to after-sales service personnel on-site maintenance. Also have on market now form a complete set of 'tools' to avoid such trouble maintenance every year, for example, new Deere launched 'cb' intelligent induction water processor, it can activate the domestic water, using the induction emf structure principle, achieve water molecules synchronization resonance, lifelong not scaling effect, can save about 25% of the gas at the same time, extend the service life of cb. Choose the right products to avoid small horse-drawn cart in recent years, due to the improper use or wall hanging furnace product quality problem caused by catastrophic events occur. Therefore, in addition to the maintenance and debugging, the quality of cb and the correct method of use is also very important.
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