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Want a bedroom sweet romance, choose the bedside lamp is the key

by:Longjian     2020-09-26
Want to bedroom sweet romance, choose the bedside lamp is the key! Believe there are a lot of people like to decorate in the head of a bed a bedside lamp, if want to bedroom sweet romance, bedside lamp is must be some, use at ordinary times, will be very convenient also like reading a book to read, play with mobile phones can be applied to all, but you know what? Lamp of bedroom the head of a bed besides lighting also can rise to adjust the action of feng shui. 1, the placement of the head of a bed can't too low, too low will affect the sleep quality of the residents, try to put on the top of the head in the direction, if it is on the top of the head down to sleep, not only can suppress the person's life, but also to the person's business is very bad, it is easy to damage aura. 2, the head of a bed lamp should choose white illuminant light warm color department, in the bedroom, there are five family collocation, household is the sun be the spirit is given priority to, so choose warm color to move the light is good. 3, the light color of the head of a bed in the bedroom, remember that don't use red, the color of red is a kind of very strong, will lead to upset minded people to live. Especially newlywed couples, have red lamps in the bedroom is a big no-no feng shui. 4, earthy color is yellow, the five elements in combination of the five elements, native gold, if the room USES the yellow light, can achieve effective moral role. That is the lamp to introduce the light collocation of bedroom the head of a bed and bedside lamp geomantic exquisite, is it a new understanding of understanding of the bedside lamp ~
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