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Wall lamp installation techniques

by:Longjian     2020-09-05
Wall lamp, stair at the balcony, bedroom, etc. , more wall lamp also has a lot of kinds, common absorption with the top wall lamp, color wall lamp, wall lamp of the head of a bed, want to use local lighting wall lamp and extensive lighting chandeliers and absorb dome light to better match the original lighting brand remind you, in addition to the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy should pay attention to, the installation method also has a skill. A, 1, wall lamp general installation location to determine the building stairs, balcony, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. 2, wall lamp installation height, average distance face ( Refers to the level of the distance from the ground 80 ~ 85 cm) For 1440 ~ 1850 mm, the distance from the ground 2240 ~ 2650 mm; Bedroom wall ground can close, about 1400 ~ 1700 mm. 3, wall lamp, pick out the metope of distance, to about 95 ~ 400 mm. Two wall lamp installation method is simple, installation method, after being good location to determine, mainly is the fixed wall socket, often adopt the method of embedded parts or punch, the wall lamp is fixed on the wall. 1, according to the hole on the wall hangs Taiwan on the wall in the need for expansion make the mark the location of the screw; 2, use electric drill is ready to mark on the wall point of drilling, to pay attention to first understand the line layout, don't drill into the wire, the notice of the drill hole depth; After 3, drill hole can start on expansion screws, expansion screws into the first has been drilled hole inside, and then put the screw into the wall with a hammer, until all sink wall; 4, the wood screw through the hole wall lamp hangs Taiwan, then fixed screw on the expansion screws, attention should be paid to the fixed on both sides of the alternates, so that you can avoid wood screw appeared deviation; 5, with screws connect hangs Taiwan and particular of absorption, then fix the suck in particular bald on screw; 6, disconnect the power, then into the wall lamp wires and connect the power cord, mount bracket light; 7, carefully check the installation and wiring is correct specification of lamps and lanterns, wiring is strong; 8 whether can normal electricity, electricity test lamps and lanterns, confirm the status of lamps and lanterns. Connected to the wall lamp wires should choose light color, easy to coating color consistent with the wall paint, to maintain the cleanliness of the wall. In addition, you can dig a on the wall just embedded wire slot, embedded in the wire, with lime fill and level up, besmear again the same as the wall color coating.
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