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Use the fireplace in front of the six points for attention

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
At this time of year, that is, in winter, too many people in the absence of any security maintenance the fireplace and lit fireplace. This can lead to serious consequences. And in order to eliminate the possibility of fire hazard, when use the fireplace before small don't recommend that you use it for the first time, follow the following six precautions: 1. Clean and check the chimney: if you have a fireplace, should each year by a licensed chimney cleaning staff to conduct regular inspection and cleaning the chimney, to remove the accumulation of ash and creosote, and ensure that there are no other problems, such as cracks or need maintenance of bricks. Check if there is a bird's nest or other sundries chimney. The chimney must be ventilated smooth; Otherwise, the smoke will flow backward back home. A chimney tops should also have a hat, to prevent to produce may lead to external roof or building the overheating of the fire smoke escape with ashes. Ensure that cleaning the chimney and no creosote and ash in the flue. Excessive creosote and debris can cause chimney fire. To be on the safe side, the fireplace all internal and external functions should be at least by the professional cleaning personnel inspection once a year. 2. Open the flue, before the light source, please set the chimney flue in the open, in order to ensure the fireplace can normal ventilation. 3. Use dry wood: ensure that the combustion of wood drying, because the wet wood will increase the accumulation of creosote and leads to the chimney fire. 4. Use the fireplace screen: when burning wood, please make sure that in front of the fireplace in the mouth with metal or metal fireplace screen mesh obstructions, to prevent sparks and hot embers to escape and make carpet or furniture is on fire. 5. Fireplace also need maintenance: just because you have a fireplace, does not mean that it doesn't need to maintain the same as the fireplace. Ensure clean and check the chimney every year, and regular inspection and cleaning lights and other components, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, don't forget to open the flue gas burner before you open, so that the unburned gas out of the chimney instead of backward into the home. 6. Don't forget to fire extinguisher: every time you use the fireplace, always ready to have a fire extinguisher is always a good idea. Fire extinguisher itself, however, there is a standard, you have to have those by checking the pressure gauge to make sure it is in the state of the 'green' fire extinguishing installation, and check the safety pin no damage and no blocking the nozzle, to make sure they work. You may also need to add a portable spray fire extinguishers as additional precaution. Before use the fireplace, please install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If too much smoke accumulate, or carbon monoxide ( A kind of invisible dangerous gases) , the detector will remind you. Fireplace will have even the extremely small chimney fires still could be arrived in the attic and cause severe not forecast disaster risk, the fireplace will leak deadly carbon monoxide. This is why homeowners must be clean and inspect each year fireplace can appear so important, to ensure the safety of the one hundred percent conditions, you can use this ancient yet modern fireplace; Practical design feeling effect is very classical elements.
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