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Understand these, the use of cb is more safe and reliable!

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Note 1 before use, identification of using gas species must use specified on the label plate of wall-mounted gas furnace gas and other gas to disable, and gas valve pressure before the applicable range between 1300 pa ~ 3000 pa. 2, check the power supply connection please use 220 v / 50 hz alternating current, using three feet of the original power socket; And connection of the appliance must have grounding terminal power socket, and the reliable earthing terminal and public ground connection; Connection of the appliance switch should not be set in a canopy or shower room. The socket should through the relevant certification. 3, check the heating water should always check the pressure gauge on a wall-mounted gas furnace pressure, when pressure is too low, wall-mounted gas furnace will be offline, fault code displayed on the dashboard and indicator lights. At this time must be for filling water, to guarantee the wall-mounted gas furnace internal water pressure in bar ~ 1. 5bar( 0. 1MPa~0. 15MPa) In between. 4, check the gas inlet valve please check the link of wall-mounted gas furnace inlet valve is opened. Around 5 cb, check the furnace ambient gas is not allowed to place inflammable, explosive, not on the chimney air basks in clothings, easy to cause fire. 6, check each room check valve connection each room heating valves are all open. Matters needing attention in using 1, wall-mounted boiler water shall not be used for cooking, cooking. Internal wall hanging furnace water for a long time, through it out of the water can only be used for general water. 2, when using wall-mounted gas furnace, must pay attention to ventilation. 3, failure, please close the air supply and power supply, control the use of the machine manual check, troubleshooting, restart again, if the fault appears repeatedly, please notice the little squirrel professional maintenance personnel to repair.
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