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Understand these little knowledge, choose lamp don't doubt

by:Longjian     2020-09-04
In numerous 'guanding sea', choose what kind of light of modern art is good for your eyes? China quality certification center ( CQC) Is the Chinese quality certification work earlier, large and authoritative certification body, bear the certification of product safety, performance, environmental protection, the function such as organic products, certification scope includes hundreds kinds of products. CQC certification for consumers to choose the good thing in advance. So for how to choose a good modern art lamp, CQC experts tell us, have the following four criteria to measure. One, intensity of illumination and the intensity of illumination evenness, intensity of illumination: can be as simple as bright enough. For a long time to read and write in dark light, easy to cause visual fatigue, serious when can cause myopia. Intensity of illumination uniformity, it is light enough for uniform enough. China's national standard GB/T 9473 - 2008 'reading and writing homework lamp performance requirements of modern art' of modern art light intensity of illumination and the intensity of illumination uniformity proposed requirements, CQC specification is on the basis of national standard specifies two illuminance level: class A and class AA. On light source, measuring range radius is 30 cm and 50 cm, respectively. Class A: core region within the scope of 50 cm in distance light intensity of illumination should reach 150 lx, from the core region of 30 cm of the light should be at least 250 lx. AA is A level two times, illuminance level is higher, if you need to work in the light of modern art for A long time, recommend selects high illuminance level of light of modern art. Parents in the light of modern art, the choose and buy can look with CQC logo. In addition, when the children use the reading lamp, only open the lamp, modern art is not recommended and should open indoor and other light source as a backlit, don't cause indoor apparent difference between light and shade. Glare: refers to the light not dazzling, is modern art lamp evaluation is an important indicator of performance. As the light source itself, the higher the luminance, glare, the more obvious; Glare of light source position nearer the distance from the line of sight, the more obvious. Color: color rendering is refers to the modern art lamp for object color reduction degree, every day we can come into contact with many different types of lighting light source, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED lamp, it is not hard to find, objects under different fluorescent lamp or LED lamp color difference is produced. Color rendering index is an important indicator to measure the color, the value range is from 1 to 100, the greater the value said the object color reducibility, the better. The parents for the children to choose the light of modern art, its color rendering index generally more than 80. If you want to do in the light of color demanding things like drawing, color rendering index suggested that modern art lights for at least 90. Four, blu-ray: learn to through a lot of basic research to lighting lighting products blu-ray hazard on the human eye can be divided into four levels: no dangerous class ( RG0 class) And low risk class ( RG1 class) , medium risk ( RG2 class) And the high risk class ( RG3 class) 。 Blu-ray hazard level is associated with light source and distance, the farther from the human body, the less harm. CQC technical specification requirement for modern art lamp blu-ray hazard rating of no danger class, namely the identification of RGO, this kind of modern art lamp can greatly protect the children's eyes, so parents in the light of modern art, the choose and buy as far as possible choose have CQC certification and accreditation logo.
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