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Understand the four aspects, in the rain be affected with damp be affected with damp wood is still the good fuel

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
1. In the details. Before and after the rainy season, how many will have some air moisture ( The south see more) This will allow you to store the prodding of become damp, but it can still maintain the flame. This requires more effort and patience. Birch bark is very wonderful, even after the rain washed can rapid burning, because it is the bark of natural oils with repel water. Before trying to lighting the fireplace of be affected with damp be affected with damp wood with a towel. Use dry towel or even dry clothes all the wood in a piece of paper. Wood pressing down on them, try to discharge the water as much as possible. Use a smaller logs as fuel. Compared with the 'big', small size and shape of wood is more likely to be lit. Of course, it is the best way to have extra enough logs, in case of rain. 2. To solve the problem of the wood, then remove excess ashes from the fireplace. But always keep 3 - 5 cm thick grey bed, this helps furnace heat preservation, also help and efficient heat dissipation. At the bottom of the fireplace ash accumulation overmuch impede rapid and normal wood burning. Too much ash may cause harm to health. 3. Add a new wood on a regular basis. Sometimes, a small portion of the log in the hearth will not burst into flames. And in order to let the fire flame lasting fully, the newly added wood is best to processing into small pieces, or with the kindling of harmless, easy to clean up after combustion to join together, to produce more of the flame and heat. When lit, please put your kindling under the grate, the flame will rise under the log. When wood burning charcoal, to pay more attention to air circulation, charcoal to become red. Adding more fuel. 4. Use the hardwood ( In previous articles, we focus on analysis of softwood and hardwood, interested friends can look at the small mo after reading it, don't focus on here) 。 Add new wood on the fire, and keep enough space, because we all know, burning the three elements of the air is also indispensable. Pine and fir cork although easier to ignite, but they burn very fast. If you don't want to want that kind of burning all night long ChangMingHuo, cork can also be on the agenda of choice. Hardwood is cork is not easy to ignite, but last time longer, combustion would produce more heat. Keep the flame burning solution is to use cork fire, when the flame, good stability and generate embers, add the hardwood. If your fireplace flames gradually become smaller, please put some cork in mixed with hardwood, like this can make flame thrive in a short time, quite attunements decayed for magical.
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