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u200bthe best and brightest floor lamps for every room in your house

by:Longjian     2020-03-07
If you are renovating the house or are considering a renovation, make sure you decide the lighting first.
Lights and lighting in any space can completely change the room, and the placement of floor lamps also adds decorative scenes --
Whether it\'s country style, antique style, or the recent industrial style --
Look at the tungsten lamp.
All in all, the floor lamp is capable of improving the appearance of the room, whether it is on or off.
Changes in lighting trends are like decorative trends, and it is very appropriate for you to update your home with items that give it a new life.
Here are our suggestions for the best floor lamp for your family
Photo source: whiteteak.
ComThis contemporary Longjian floor lamp inspired by mid-
In the industrial age of the century, there was a sphere structure, but no real sphere would bring about expansion.
The thin metal arm gives the impression that the planets rotate around the central sphere and illuminate the room in every direction.
Edison or tungsten wire bulbs enhance the industrial appeal of these floor lamps.
The lights include a dimmer that helps set the tone for your room according to your mood.
Color fabric floor tripod lamp picture Source: www. pepperfry.
The floor lamp in your room will also be used as an artwork during the day --
When its function is completely off.
With a colorful fabric lampshade, this tripod lamp is perfect for bringing tropical undercurrent into your home.
This floral print floor lamp in stark contrast to the wooden legs makes your bedroom or study perfect.
Picture Source of Tube floor lamp: www. lightandyou.
The floor lamp inspired by comuminous totem is derived from the industrial pipe design.
Covered on an imitation old fabric with irregular tissue, showing its unrefined linen, it turns this glowing decoration into a statement-making attachment.
This floor lamp can be part of the floor lamp and table lamp family and can be used in groups to illuminate, personalize and define the space with its huge size and warmth, spreading light across the surface.
Lighting file floor lamp picture Source: www. lightandyou.
These clever lights combine the elements of color, inspired by the semantics and hints of Renaissance art.
Designed to stand out and make statements, these floor lamps are a combination of balanced creative expression and functionality.
Make sure you use the attractive quality of these lights and put them in the Gateway or lobby to show that they are real artwork.
These floor lamps provide diffuse light and are supported by LED lights.
Picture Source of floor lamp reflected by moonlight: whiteteak.
Bring the charm of the old world with this old world into your life and entertainment space
World Crystal floor lamp.
The frame of the countryside perfectly offsets the sparkling crystals-
Strive for the aura of decadence and luxury.
This aesthetic piece deserves to be a hero accessory in the living room where you host your guests.
Ancient lovers will surely love the Open Works combined with old works
The school attraction of this floor lamp.
Source: www. urbanladder.
If your decorative environment follows a natural and sustainable aesthetic, this wood floor lamp is perfect for matching interior plants and wooden furniture. The light-
Finished wood brings summer and beach atmosphere-
Make this floor lamp the perfect accessory for a full complementwhite decor.
The natural feel of this floor lamp also makes it ideal for matching with wicker and rattan furniture and for placing on the balcony and terrace.
Picture Source of four floor lamps: www. lightandyou.
This open-ended product comes with nickel and brass finishes and has four tungsten wire bulbs in a metal cage for an open-endedplan space.
Because floor lamps are more useful than them, use this lamp to change the style of your room.
While the floor lamp is ideally placed in the corner in order to avoid obstacles of any kind, this fashion can solve all of these problems.
If there are no accessories in your living room, use this lamp to maximize its visual appeal.
Picture Source of paper floor lamp: www. ikea.
Com/use a paper light spreading spread and decorating the light to increase the soft, comfortable atmosphere in your home.
Simple process-
Like its building, this floor lamp is ideal for single Han and young people living in small apartments, and in small apartments, the investment in any decoration project takes twice as muchfold.
Create a warm light in the bedroom with a soft yellow bulb and combine it with a metal trim to show the appeal of the original White Paper cover.
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