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tripod floor lamp

by:Longjian     2020-03-09
Given the outstanding space they occupy in our home, making their own lights provides a great opportunity to add some very personalized and super functional style to the area or room that needs to be lit!
In this structure, I show you a small one (but mighty)
The adapter makes it possible to seamlessly connect the fixture hardware to any tripod.
All cameras and measuring tripod (new & vintage)
Screw into the camera and telescope with the same thread size (1/4-20F).
Conveniently, in the world of lamp hardware, there is a thread adapter (that costs $0. 30)
Convert the tripod thread to a thread that matches the fixture hardware. Boom!
This is my favorite style of Longjian floor lamp as it is adjustable and simple.
So, if you always need a floor lamp to light up the corner of a room with no built-in overhead lighting, I highly recommend you try this super easy light!
Note: I made this project work with my free instructures Lamps, so I don\'t include how to connect the socket and insert this \"visible \".
Learn how to use electricity correctly and safely and connect this light (
And many other styles)
Please read my class again.
: Del part, you need to make this beautiful woman: Note: All accessories are suitable for 1/8 IP rebar (
Small in size of two common tubes/rods).
The tools you need are as follows: * I found my antique surveyor tripod on Etsy.
It\'s a bit of a splurge (at $75)
But it\'s really worth it because I don\'t need to renovate any part of it. It was ready-to-go beauty!
** Unfortunately, the online retailer of the fixture parts I use does not have the nickel version of the socket we need.
If this is important to you, a can of silver paint can quickly turn the brass into nickel.
* Buy this only if you care that the color of the zipper is silver!
This is the amazing person.
This miniature brass adapter bridges the gap between the two worlds.
I just wanted you to see how small and powerful this little guy is.
OK, here are all the hardware parts arranged in the order of assembly.
The first step is to screw the powerful adapter into the coupling so that it is flush with the bottom, as shown in the figure above.
Screw the nipple into the top of the coupling until it meets the adapter.
Then add the harp saddle.
Next, add a lock washer and screw to the knurling nut to snuggle the washer together.
We will use the above tools to enhance our hardware-
Do not scratch the coupling (
Enter the small poster board)
Wrap the board around the coupling. With your non-
Master Hand, grab the paper protective coupling with larger pliers.
Tighten knurl nut with small pliers with your superior hand.
Make it good and tight.
Screw the socket cover to the nipple and tighten the screw.
Then take one end of the wire through the side of the lid and make a hole so that at least 6 wires reach out.
Wrap the wire 3 \"with a thin tape from the end \". Un-
Twist the 3 \"line.
Now make a knot for the underwriter.
Note: to learn how to tie the insurer knot, please take my free instructures Lamps course and refer to lesson 3.
Wire the socket and connect the socket housing.
To learn how to do this correctly and safely, read Lesson 3: wiring sockets for my fixture class.
The last thing to add is the plug.
To learn how to connect the plug properly and safely, please read lesson 4 of my lamp class.
This is a very nice set of ropes right now! ! !
Please make sure to use continuity tester or more
Meter before moving on to the next step! !
Instructions on how to do this in lesson 6 of my lighting class.
It\'s time to put your good work on the beautiful tripod!
Set the tripod.
A coupling filled with a tripod threaded connection adapter.
Lower the coupling to the thread and keep the lamp stable when using the bottom knob to screw the tripod thread.
Tighten it as much as you can. (
That\'s enough.
No need to drop the pliers bust. )
Another amazing thing about using a tripod as a lamp holder is that their top is so adjustable too!
This makes it easy to make sure your shadows are straight even if the floor is not straight. Voila! !
FYI: If you want to learn how to choose a harp (shade holder)
Lesson 9 of my light class.
Enjoy your new lights! !
If you like to make this kind of lamp, you may also be interested in my other lighting instructions: 5 ways to make a table lamp socket pendant Light star Light Tree TopperHappy with a hanging Lamps3!
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