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Tome and you dwell on the status quo of contemporary and contracted art lighting and landscape [ Contemporary and contracted LED meals chandeliers]

by:Longjian     2020-10-10
Tome and you dwell on the status quo of contemporary and contracted art lighting and landscape [ Contemporary and contracted LED meals chandeliers] Contemporary and contracted art lighting ( Modern lamp) , is very popular in recent years a niche category, about 10% of the decorative lighting industry category segment share. The appearance of modern lamp and LED light source technology development will bring huge dividends. Modern lamp is developing rapidly in recent years, there are about three or four hundreds of factories engaged in the manufacture of this field. According to incomplete statistics, the output of a modern lamp manufacturers have more than $4, more than 30 million modern lamp factory has more than 50, most companies in 8 million - Not less than 150 between 10 million, such enterprises, the annual output value of nearly 10 billion category. In addition, the data in the growing. Modern landscape lamp market is also growing, start from a county cover where the brown gradually to the provincial cities. Now in addition to the provincial cities, l7 cities has become a important modern lamp sales positions. Op, leishi, pine, extreme beauty, celebrates the overflow, la Witt, McGonagall blue, macro crown stores are almost occupied only a provincial cities and regional cities. New lili whistle also covers basic provincial city, outstanding l7 cities and part of the city at the county level in jiangsu and zhejiang area. Preziosi Witt, McGonagall blue, mas will sell quite well in the provincial market, often in a state of out of stock. Macro crown, eight meters concept has entered into a part of the regional market. Summer au, marsden represents a designer channel, for many years in the field of export ranks forefront micah. A further differentiation of modern lamp category, must drive industry rapid development. But modern light field is also under a lot of problems and confusion. The influx of a large number of enterprises, must let industry rapidly into disorder competition, imitation, plagiarism, malignant price competition will gradually into the white-hot. Vicious competition inevitably disrupt category own pace of development. Large enterprises to enter the category, but also increased the competition of modern lamp category. Initially, the euro, leishi is not enter into the field of modern lamp, due to the demise of the traditional household lighting, they also quickly packed into this category, segment channels and occupy a lot of advantages. So the war began with an unstoppable speed. How much this for some of the smaller companies some unprepared. Modern lamp is on creative and design to win, just by imitation and plagiarism is hard to go far. Even to win a temporary market favour, cannot get long-term development. So a lot of enterprise is doomed to be a flash in the pan. And some enterprise development strength is very strong, not only can stand out, at the same time, it will have been developing steadily. But the future can be long-term, stable and sustainable development, is a key of modern lamp brand can smile ao market. Of course, strong ability of product development of small micro enterprise, also can be in an impregnable position in the future. From the point of this phase, imitation, plagiarism, price war is inevitable, but patent rights of war is inevitable. Blindly imitate, a copycat will gradually pushed into a corner. Blindly price war, can live for a moment, but will eventually be exhausted failure and death. How beautiful are also uphold the concept of the spirit of independent innovation, design and production of contemporary and contracted LED lamps, there are more fashionable styles of lamps and lanterns! So, the modern enterprise with its own brand positioning decision it industry status, possession of channels with the customer determine its pattern. In other words, the promising enterprise, must grasp the product development, while the channel development, can quickly finally win their position in the field of modern lamp. Source: world lighting network ( Have cut)
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