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Three details called simulation how would you distinguish the true fire fireplace and fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Make sure you need the fireplace is the true fire fireplace, fireplace or simulation the difference between the two flames briefly as follows: (1) simulation true fire fireplace and fireplace look and feel of the difference: true fire fireplace flame effect is real, sporty, rotating effect, is a kind of three-dimensional perception; Simulation of the fireplace is the two-dimensional plane flame generated by light reflection, with simulation charcoal, but it is not true to life. 2 true fire fireplace and simulated the temperature difference between the fireplace: true fire fireplace heat source is the heat generated by the fuel burning fire, and the simulation of the fireplace heat source is the heat generated by the lower or upper fan, this is a big difference, wood-burning power is commonly 6 kw - true fire fireplace Around 25 kw power gas true fire fireplace for 6 kw - commonly Power about 15 kw, alcohol true fire fireplace for 2 kw - commonly Around 12 kw, simulation electric fireplace power generally is 0. 75千瓦, 1. About 5 kw. (3) true fire fireplace and simulation of the fireplace installed operating difference: the need to have an independent wood-burning true fire fireplace flue, for flue gas emissions, wood fuel adding wood-burning true fire fireplace, ignition, ash cleaning all need artificial processing, wood but true fire fireplace with the beauty of the flames, authenticity and higher heating value, depth of the users in Europe and the United States; Also need to have an independent of the flue gas true fire fireplace and gas supply, gas true fire fireplace adopts simulation fake wood and pebbles, burn effect is almost the same and true fire fireplace, without adding timber and clean up the waste gas true fire fireplace, use the power switch automatic pulse ignition ignition; Is a kind of free discharge without alcohol true fire fireplace flue of the portable fireplaces, need artificial add fuel alcohol true fire fireplace, ignition, but don't need to clean up the waste alcohol true fire fireplace, because only after the combustion to produce the same water vapour and carbon dioxide and air ratio, flame alcohol true fire fireplace into orange, is a kind of special alcohol alcohol true fire fireplace; Simulation of electric fireplace without flue, also don't add fuel, light switches and remote control can be used in two ways.
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