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This paper art lamp brand footprint reflects the construction and development of urban and rural village

by:Longjian     2020-09-09
Art lamp brand, is no longer a single lighting at night, but reveal the city vitality, fashion, cultural elements. From the inside of the light, can reflect the city's past and present. From the dozens of lamp to today's more than 20000 at the beginning of the lamp, from modelling single incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, to all sorts of modelling of high pressure sodium lamp, LED street lamp lights such as the change reflects the development of urban and rural village construction. Village street light as the composition of the local rural infrastructure, rural traffic, public security, peace occupies the important position in people's life and the city style, play an irreplaceable role, according to the country strength and maturity. Follow international art lamp lighting brand goods, continuous art lamp brand manufacturers pay more attention to the development prospects of the LED lighting products. Now we have to do is fine refinement, no longer to rely on some of the foreign technology, national brands in China can be developed. We care about now is how to set different art lamp lighting brand companies are each a lighting company attaches great importance to the problem of demand. Art lamp the advent of the era of brand, the upgrading of products become more agile, and the sale of form before has not used to the current market demand. Many small and medium-sized companies has closed tide, many companies seize the moment to mergers and acquisitions, integration, etc. In the future, the same as the other professions, the advantage of LED lighting professional capital will be more and more to the oligarchs, have gathered the foreseeable mall is from the reshuffle. Future outdoor art lamp brand manufacturers will present many annexation purchase, transition, at the end of art lamp lighting professional brand will present the billions, and one of the professional standard of format is listed in the future perhaps billions planning. In general for the most part just produce lamps and lanterns has complete function of its design and can be directly put into use, but why do aging test? Product quality theory tells us that failure occurs mostly occurred early and late, the end is the product of the normal life, unable to control, but you can control the early, can control within the factory gates, that is before the products delivered to the user's hands do aging test, nip problems in the plant, general normal manufacturer is doing just that. Art lamp lighting professional brand has a different way, every company is on the basis of the status of itself is selected the suitable way. Choose which kind of way, with the company matching products, the company development strategy must contact. In the LED downstream applications, for example, many lighting companies are busy rob circulation way. Traditional big circulation ways are not the good way to profession, as a company, it needs constantly changing ideas, will past linked into the interests of dealers and manufacturers.
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