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There was a style [to quiet elegant bedroom house living Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
There was a style [to quiet elegant bedroom house living Contemporary and contracted droplight] The bedroom is a person's privacy, along with every night sleeping in the sun rising hope, want to have a comfortable mood, or rainy days homestead, beautiful and elegant bedroom is indispensable, small make up recommend 10 middle and small family model bedroom, see which touched your heart? This is the bedroom of a northern wind mixing light wind, red brick wall of bedroom the head of a bed is directly to brush the white emulsioni paint, very calm personality, deserve to go up big bed and strip of wood log, build a green and pure and fresh household atmosphere. The head of a bed of the bedroom wall and ground are painted pale gray, simple and comfortable big bed is put against the wall, big bed with light blue green, bed is tasted, contemporary and contracted droplight of hanging the grass green again at the same time, the light elements make the bedroom more pure and fresh feeling of spring. The daylighting of the bedroom is very good, the ground covered with black decorative pattern of carpet, white-washed walls and ceiling, wall in the design of the head of a bed the personality of wooden headboard, deserve to go up the fresh green plants and cotton bedding, soft and fresh. Ark of the head of a bed is practical bear in the bedroom, carrying our daily supplies and decorative furnishing articles. But the style is not constrained in the square shape, cabinet and chairs, shelf may also bring unexpected results. This is a Nordic style of the bedroom, the ground of the bedroom with the original wood color, real wood floor carpet with a broken line stripe adornment, wall of the head of a bed is brushed light grey, match with white and grey mixed bed is tasted, plus personality little wood block when the ark of the head of a bed, is very concise and comfortable. The ground of the bedroom with the original wood color real wood floor, the walls of the head of a bed is brushed gray, neat design of big bed with gray and pale pink bed is tasted, light pink element soft halcyon, increased the sweet feeling for the bedroom. This in light grey color for the space in the bedroom, shallow gray quiet elegance, a born of yet elegant temperament, bent copper bed put a desk lamp, to add to the metallic contracted and the atmosphere of space. The ground covered with grayish floor of the bedroom, the head of a bed wall designed to dark gray, big bed with white bed is tasted, let a space look clean fashion, grey tonal adornment calligraphy and painting hung on the wall of the head of a bed, to add to the artistic breath the wind space. The bedroom is decorated nostalgia, spread the national style of carpet in the bedroom, the bed opposite walls painted pale gray, big bed with gray linen cloth art bed is tasted, also used to do the old feeling of clothes closet and porcelain decoration, appears to restore ancient ways and elegance. The end of the bed stool is not necessaries of life, but also added a lot of convenience for everyday. Carpet can sound insulation and aspiration, step on it like the gentle treatment by the whole world. They are to improve the quality of the bedroom. Source: and home network
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