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The working principle of the electric fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
What is electric fireplace principle:
electric fireplace principle refers to the European classical fireplace production technology and modern sound, light, make traditional fireplace is greatly improved in the design, in do not break elegance has produced green environmental protection and more main strong real wood burning effect.
because now electric fireplace heater manufacturing technology is mature, and convenient for consumers, fashion, beautiful electronic fireplace, style is also emerge in endlessly. Although the exterior approximation, but very different heating principle.

use electric fireplace?
1, ornamental effect: incomparable true flame, abound change, move feeling, natural, this is any other heating means, including air conditioning, incomparable, is a true romantic warmth.
2, natural, balanced and healthy: electric fireplace heating is the most natural way of heating. There is no electromagnetic pollution, radiation, etc. Do not dry, comfortable, healthy, like the sun introduced inside the bedroom, has reached the life that occupy the home cicc, wood, water, fire, soil five line of complete perfection.
3, economic, cost-effective: electric fireplace heating costs only about a third of air conditioning heating, buy expensive, but with the cheap.
4, environmental protection, electric fireplace directly using the simulation charcoal, realistic, natural, colorless, tasteless. Flame lifelike, no need to add fuel, low cost, less waste, the environmental protection.
5, there is no limit on the using condition, we have to live in any place appropriate fireplace provided to you.
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