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the warning all parents need to see: how an everyday floor lamp landed this 14-month-old toddler in intensive care with severe burns to his tongue

by:Longjian     2020-03-18
The most terrible nightmare of a mother since she was 14 years old has come true. month-
The old son was killed by her Longjian floor lamp wire at home.
Claire Karlson, 25, from Nowra in New South Wales, said that before little Oscar pulled the wire off the floor lamp and chewed the exposed wire, she thought her home was \"completely
\"When the light is plugged in and turned on at the power point, he chews on the exposed wires,\" Claire told FEMAIL . \".
\"Then we found that the power supply did not trip, so he used a voltage of 240 V.
The incident took place on Saturday, May 4, Claire and 14-month-
Old Oscar and her husband Hugh are working.
\"We were playing in the living room all the time, and I was sitting in the lounge while Oscar was walking around and playing with toys,\" Claire said . \".
\"In the corner behind the lounge we had a Longjian floor lamp that I turned on every night so that when Oscar woke up at night I could see the way I was going to his room.
\"About 10 minutes before the accident, I only turned it off on the floor switch, but it was still plugged in and turned on.
Claire recalled hearing \"bang, scream right away \".
\"I was only a metre away from him, so I found him in a few seconds,\" she said . \".
He lay awkwardly in the corner with his head up the wall. \'The mother-of-
One said she saw Oscar holding the power cord of the lamp in her hand and his \"tongue turned white \".
\"My first reaction was that he had a white cord in his mouth, so I think I had to get it out before he suffocated,\" she said . \".
But when I touched the white part of his tongue, I realized it was a burn.
Claire panicked and said that she grabbed the rope from her son\'s hand, picked him up, and rushed to the place where she called the ambulance.
\"I told that person that I realized that Oscar somehow pulled the light line out of the place where it was connected to the light fixture and chewed the exposed wire when it was plugged in,\" she said . \".
Within a few minutes, four ambulances arrived, and \"blood poured out\" in Oscar\'s mouth \".
\"The paramedics evaluated him and they told me they had a helicopter on the road,\" Claire said . \".
Oscar was then taken directly to the helipad at the local hospital and then flown to Westmead Children\'s Hospital.
\"When we arrived, the situation was very serious,\" Claire said . \".
Oscar was taken away urgently and about 20 doctors, nurses and surgeons were waiting for him there.
The main concern, she said, was that the burn had spread to his throat, or that his heart was affected by an electric shock.
But thankfully, the burns are concentrated on the front of his mouth, lips, tongue and palate.
After two days in the intensive care unit, Oscar was sent to the burn ward where he ate some soft Pu-shaped food and drank a bottle.
He was discharged from the hospital and has been following since.
The doctor said he expected a full recovery.
\"His taste buds should grow back and he should not leave any scars,\" Claire said . \".
\"But after the incident, he had to eat a boiled diet for quite some time.
Claire shared her story with others, hoping that something so dramatic would not happen to them.
I want to raise awareness about how easy it is to happen in my own home, she said.
\"We thought our house was baby checked and we never thought about how he would pull the light rope, but he did.
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