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The warmth of the fireplace, different

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
The fireplace was originally used in western countries, have adornment effect and practical value. According to the culture of different countries, is divided into: American fireplace, British French fireplace, fireplace, modelling is so different. Fireplace basic structure includes: fireplace and fireplace in the core. The fireplace set to adornment effect. The fireplace core practical effect. According to the culture of different countries, is not only a tool for heating, the fireplace is the culture, but also an art that is visible to the warm, whenever see kept beating of flame, you will feel the warmth and vitality, like the sunshine like a delicious dishes, a see can feel her delicious. Make the finishing point, the icing on the cake for your bedroom. Fireplace in the main body of the cultural landscape as the sitting room, can decorate a variety of style, can be pure and fresh and contracted sweet romance, can classical gravity, can also be luxuriant elegance, always can show master of extraordinary taste and romantic, like a wind from the fields, leading the trend of decoration and fashion. Fireplace and a magical function, watching people sit beside the fireplace flame can also predict the weather changes, if the flame is pale, or have a lot of abnormal Mars or ashes into pieces, or coal ash falls suddenly, heralding the rain; If the flame buzzing, or flue crackle and bring more wind than usual, then indicates the storm coming; If the flame burning more fierce, herald a frost. The flame became the weatherman, fireplace made connection of indoor and outdoor a medium. In the municipal supply or a sudden stop of the energy shortage, the fireplace also can lead to protect his family. The Canadian government requires the fireplace on the outskirts of the villa in the family to reserve five cubic meters of wood, to enhance the capability of emergency is there is no reason. No matter from which point of view, the fireplace is indispensable for the family of products. In leisure holiday, in front of the fire with gleaming, family or friends around the furnace together, laughing; Or with relatives dependent fireside, taste the sweet coffee; Or flame heartily jumping and singing, look at red and bright light refracting the touching feelings, slowly burning coals, roast sweet potato fragrance floating in the childhood memories; Is a small adornment, make originally blank winter has a color, romance, affection and memories. Thousands of years of cultural development of the fireplace with a history of the progress of human civilization. Fireplace in has experienced the baptism of the Italian Renaissance and baroque, rococo presented the elegance of a classic, Victoria, the new classical and elegant, is now with composed with luxuriant, humanities and multiple character, classical, modern and romantic surprises on every grade is the essence of life of the encounter.
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